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What does "COVID-19" mean?

The development of the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has not only been highly valued by the Chinese people. With the economic globalization today, many countries around the world have paid great attention to this epidemic, and various forms of assistance. However, for this brand new virus, we may be used to simply call it "new crown", and the WHO named the new crown virus as "COVID-19".

WHO names new crown virus

Recently, the World Health Organization officially announced that pneumonia infected with a new type of coronavirus will be officially named "2019 Coronavirus Disease" (COVID-19). Maybe many people saw this string of English and Arabic characters for the first time, so we will explain to you, what exactly does "COVID-19" mean?

First look at the English characters. COVID is the English phrase abbreviation for Coronavirus, starting with "CO" for Corona (corona), "VI" for virus (virus), "D" for disease (disease), "19" Represents the year of disease discovery 2019. The coronavirus that caused the pneumonia was highly related to the coronavirus that caused SARS, and the virus was named "SARS-CoV-2".

Speaking of naming the virus, WHO Director-General Tan Desai said "it's important to have a name to prevent people from using other inaccurate or stigmatized names." Tan Desai said, " We want a name that does not insinuate any geographic location, animal, person or group. "

I believe that many people will agree with the Director-General's point of view. The new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is raging and developing in mainland China. Chinese people have used their own wisdom to name many representative names. For example, the folk and media have spread "wild pneumonia", "Wuhan pneumonia" and "China pneumonia". Etc., but these are obviously suspected of being discriminated against.

Because there is a lot of bad "accidents" in the past because of disease names.

For example, in the 1980s, when AIDS was discovered, it was once called "gay-related immune deficiency." This aggravated discrimination against homosexuals, and after being strongly opposed, it became the more neutral "acquired immune deficiency syndrome" (AIDS).