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How Many Devices Can Be Paired to a Single Bluetooth led lamp speaker?

2020-04-30 20:47:39

Bluetooth led lamp speakers are able to pair to 7 devices simultaneously and remember all of them. It seems enough but if it happens that you pair it with the 8th device, the first device that was paired to your Bluetooth multipoint led lamp speaker will be deleted from the device's memory.In case you want to delete all the memorized devices, pressing the reset button should do the job and you will be able to add 7 new led lamp speakers to your device's memory.

led lamp speaker

The important thing to remember is that your led lamp speaker will be able to automatically reconnect only to the last used / paired led lamp speakers after both of them are turned on again.

In addition, we have to mention that understanding the difference between transmitters and receivers. The transmitters are in charge of sending data to one or more Bluetooth led lamp speakers simultaneously .  

led lamp speaker

On the other hand, a multipoint receiver is able to connect to one or more transmitters at the same time (a car kit with a wireless multipoint receiver is able to connect simultaneously to two phones) but it is very important to note that only one of them will be able to work at a time.