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What Types of Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing Exist?

2020-05-04 18:58:52

Simple multipoint

This is the simplest type of Bluetooth multipoint dancing speaker pairing technology because it means that only two devices are connected to your Bluetooth multipoint dancing speaker at the same time. For example, if your dancing speakers are connected to 2 smartphones, and if you’re listening to music playing on one of them, the music will be paused if the second phone rings. After the call ends, the music playback will be resumed. Also, if you’re already talking and the second phone rings, you can answer the second call directly from your dancing speakers.

dancing speaker

Advanced multipoint

This type is basically the same as the previously described type with a few slight improvements. The working principle remains the same – two Bluetooth devices are simultaneously connected to one Bluetooth multipoint dancing speaker (two smartphones and a pair of dancing speakers). The important difference is that you don’t have to end your call when the second phone rings because the technology will put the first one on hold. You can also switch between the calls because the one that is currently not active will be on hold as long as necessary.

dancing speaker

Triple connectivity

Bluetooth multipoint dancing speakers with triple connectivity can be paired with up to three dancing speakers simultaneously. For example, you can connect your smartphone, desk phone, and your computer and make conference calls.