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Skills for buying animal bluetooth speakers

The initial understanding of a pair of animal bluetooth speakers can be identified by the steps of "viewing, pounding, knocking, and recognizing": that is, one view of the craft, two weights, three knocks on the cabinet, and four brands.

1.A glance at the process is to judge the quality and quality from the first appearance of the animal bluetooth speaker: the animal bluetooth speakers made of natural wood are of course the best. Many world-class premium dog speakers of high price, including Chario in Italy, Guarneri Homage (Mingqin), etc., but such good boxes, due to environmental protection, lack of resources, large processing defects, long time, etc., will never lead to the expansion of the "rejoice" shampoo everywhere, the price is definitely impossible low. Therefore, the commonly used animal bluetooth speakers are decorated with a thin layer of wood skin on the surface of MDF medium density fiberboard: animal bluetooth speakers with real wood veneer exterior decoration, especially such as rosewood, bird's eye, pear, walnut, Zhennan, red oak, etc. Rare wood veneer, its natural wood grain visual effect is excellent, feel smooth and comfortable. Especially those who polish the piano lacquer with multiple layers of symmetrical butterfly patterned real wood veneer can be regarded as middle-to-high-end boutique animal bluetooth speakers with very few counterfeit products. Boxes made of PVC (Sapele) plastic are skinny goods. Although the workmanship is fine, it is best to count only the low-end goods. Although the boxes decorated with wood-grained paper veneers seem to be extreme, you should pay more attention to whether the veneer joints behind the body and the digging process for the installation position of the dog speaker are accurate. Counterfeit and shoddy products generally do not pay attention to these details, so you can judge correctly with a little care.

2.The second is to weigh the weight: animal bluetooth speakers are mainly built with high-quality MDF particle boards of 18 ~ 25mm, and high-end flagship dog speakers are built with overweight solid wood or multilayer composite plywood such as rosewood and yellow pomelo, so the weight is very amazing. Most of the low-end and high-end goods use thin pine flat pine planks, and counterfeit and shoddy products use low-quality paper plastic plates, so the weight is generally lighter. In the audio industry, it is often said that "professionals look at quality, laymen" require weight ". Heavy animal bluetooth speakers are definitely better than light dog speakers. But be wary of bad businesses who put sandstone cement on the bottom of the sound body to gain weight to deceive consumers.

dog speaker

3.The third is knocking on the box: tapping the partition boards at the upper, lower, left and right ends of the box with knuckles, all sides of the box emit a solid and slight elastic sound, feeling the plate is hard and thick, there are multiple ribs inside, the box structure is reasonable , Sturdy, has a variety of soundproofing and anti-stationary wave measures and other effects. The processing cost of this kind of cabinet is high and serious, and sometimes there are few fake and shoddy products. If the box is tapped with the knuckles to emit a "pop, pop" and there is no sound absorbing material or ribs inside to maintain, resulting in a large amount of diffuse reflection and standing wave formation in the cabinet. It is impossible to obtain a good initializing effect when purchasing this kind of animal bluetooth speaker.

4. The fourth is to recognize the nameplate: the really good animal bluetooth speakers are quickly produced with excellent gold-plated or chrome-plated nameplate marks, which are generally marked with a distinctive trademark, company, name, place of origin, and corresponding indicators. The import box is in English such as: If Made only has Designin ...  or ambiguity, only one country name is marked, and even except for a few basic indicators that are simple and extremely rigorous, the origin and three products can not be seen. The brand image and corporate visibility are very prominent, so the nameplate markings attached are very standard and exquisite, and one of them can not see the dog speaker manufacturer, and the trademark has no registered mark. Indicators and company names are available in all places of origin. Some nameplates are even made of thin metal-plated 24K real gold, and the fonts on them have a bumpy feel. The product even has a factory date, a production serial number, and even a paired serial number and carry-on box identifier. For such animal bluetooth speakers, as long as the price is reasonable, they can generally be replaced with confidence.