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High end bluetooth speakers common faults and trouble shooting techniques

jaskey 2015-05-21 09:19:01

▲ sound plays correctly, but will be heard "Pilibala" noise from time to time.

Some users complained that the computer is no other noise when using headphones, but will issue a "Pilibala" noise when using the high end bluetooth speakers from time to time, sometimes longer time, the advantages of shorter time. At first plug the audio signal is also suspected bad, but also re-plug too, changed his line did not solve the problem.

Solution: Replace the high quality power outlet.

▲ sound plays correctly, but if you adjust the bass (BASS), the high end bluetooth speakers will be heard in "Charlie crackling" noises, simply unbearable.

Sometimes some of the high end bluetooth speakers have a "wolf in sheep" of noise when in use, especially bass knob is rotated, the situation will become more serious. BASS button because it is caused by the rotation, can certainly damage BASS potentiometer. Most high end bluetooth speakers volume control and bass adjustment, use the potentiometer to change the strength of the signal, in addition to a number of new tuning potentiometer, potentiometer by changing the position of a movable contact resistance on carbon sheet to change the size of the resistance value. With the growth in use of time, there will be dust in the living magazine potentiometer fall, potential contacts may also be oxidized to rust, causing the contact is not real, then there will be time to adjust the volume in the "wolf in sheep" of noise appears.

Solution: For this question is very simple process to replace a new potentiometer it.

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