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Strange enjoy 3D headphones

jaskey 2015-05-22 15:33:03

Walking in the hustle and bustle of big cities, Busy, Debauchery, Do you have that hint of weariness,Come on,Let us quietly enjoy a moment of peace,Wear surprising plot 3D Headphones, world regardless noisy, noisy or quiet, nothing to do with me, I only care about beating music symbol is free.
Personal experience is a texture, Sound quality is really good. Compared with ordinary headphones, 3D headphones use audio processing technology to scientifically place the speakers so that the sound source can be distributed in any position in the 3D space. Compared with ordinary earphones, 3D headphones capture the position of the sound source more clearly. When you hear a sound, it is easy to tell where the sound source is. If you put on 3D headphones and listen to a piece of performance, you will hear the pronunciation position of each instrument, which makes people feel present. The design of the music performance hall is based on such acoustics, allowing users to hear a perfect listening experience in every position.
Compared with ordinary headphones, 3D headphones have a larger sound field. Its audio processing technology has expanded the sound field of 3D headphones a lot, and also to show the sense of space and presence of 3D headphones, so that users can feel the magnificent scene space brought by music by wearing 3D headphones. Coolhear Air3 earphones have a 360-degree sound field restoration, using DSP algorithms, and using two speakers to simulate a 3D holographic sound field. Not only that, its ANC active noise reduction can extend the lateral sound field of traditional 2D audio by 50%.
3Dheadphones usage scenarios are mostly used in VR and ordinary PC games, there is no doubt. 3D headsets will have a stronger immersive experience in VR games and VR movies, which is also indispensable for VR. At the same time, in ordinary PC games, 3D headphones can provide players with a user experience of listening and distinguishing positions. Players can clearly hear the enemy's footsteps when playing first-view gunfight games, thereby judging their position and killing the enemy silently. The experience is also very good when listening to 3D music with 3D headphones.

Therefore, compared with ordinary headphones, 3D headphones have more advantages in sound field and sound source location distribution. Wearing 3D headphones to play games and listen to music will bring users a broader sound field and a strong sense of immersion.

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