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Active and passive speakers difference

  • Author:jaskey
  • Release Date:2015-05-20

Active and passive speakers speakers difference & What are active speakers and passive speakers

active speakers

Active Speaker,  also known as "active speakers." Usually it refers to the speakers with a power amplifier, such as multimedia computer speakers, active subwoofer, as well as some new home theater active speakers. Active speaker amplifier circuit as built, the user does not have to consider the problem of matching with the amplifier, but also easy to use the lower level of the audio signal directly drives.

Passive Speaker, also known as "passive speakers." Passive speakers that is often used instead of ordinary internal speakers without the amplifier circuit. Though passive speakers with an amplifier, but often with a crossover network and impedance compensation circuit.Active speaker is usually marked with built-in amplifier output power, input impedance and input signal level, etc.

active speakers

Active speaker with passive speakers + amplifier main difference lies:  

First, the circuit         

Active speakers are mainly used as a power amplifier integrated circuits, amplifying the main mode class AB, B, class C, class D (B, C, D, the next occurrence of the higher efficiency, but the greater the distortion, the efficiency of general less than 50% of the CPI, CPI (B) is less than 70%, greater than 85% of Class C, Class D more than 90%, for example, the output power of 50W Class A amplifier, power consumption at 100W or more, not much to say, say belong to the category of radio ......), the advantage of a simple circuit, fewer external components, the basic need to debug. The disadvantage is that sound dry, stiff, particularly when access to the computer or CD audio digital bit heavier.     

Typically enthusiasts say passive speakers + amplifier, usually transistor, FET, a power amplifier tube element, only one advantage: less distortion, sounds warm and oh, good amp is good-looking, style, can be considered an advantage of it. Shortcomings more to go.

1. Because the pursuit of quality, attack put the power tube distortion is usually set in the region, inefficient, usually good transistor amplifier Pure Class attack usually put a few in the class AB, tube Needless to say, the point of so much incandescent light bulb, not energy.

2. heat large. Each of more than 50W power amplifier is a small heater, multimedia speakers generally small fins not meet so much fat calories.

3. Line complicated. Usually attack put the circuit much more complex than the active speaker, to see the head to know including not only the amplifier circuit, feedback circuit, protection circuit, in order to protect & nbsp; Certificate sound quality, even audio switch relays are used, large transformers, high-capacity capacitor, and a variety of compensation circuit.

4. Commissioning cumbersome. All attack put the power amplifier tube must undergo a rigorous match, including left and right channels, so as to reduce distortion and differences in left and right channels.