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Headphone cable headphone cable connection is broken how disconnected approach introduced

jaskey bonnie 2015-05-15 11:52:53

After prolonged use of true wireless earphones is prone to breakage and other problems true wireless earphones cable, headset commonly occurs after disconnection headphone plug, headphone splitter headphone unit and other parts of qualifying.
Encountered true wireless earphones cable is broken Do not worry, here explain to you how the headphone cable connection:
In general, red for the right (R +) channel, the green line to the left (L +) channels, two yellow lines as public ground (G-), as long as the color correspond to weld together, earplugs Red Red to the main line, green and blue ear to the main line to the main line of yellow earplugs yellow on ok
About true wireless earphones users, especially entry-level ear products, the situation in the use of the process is the most prone to ear "side to, while not loud," that is, we often say that bad. In fact, on this situation, we can start to repair itself, but unfortunately there were no corresponding course, ordinary users do not dare risk.

Editor's note: This operation suitable for a certain ability to start a user, and make sure your earplugs have a warranty period; assume your ear is still under warranty, please contact customer service to be restored to prevent unnecessary losses.
Normal ear plugs
As we all know true wireless earphones / earbud is a consumable class, often use a variety of effects appeared in a few months, but according to the survey found that: headphone plugs as often bend to bend the wires short-circuiting the line formed off effects, accounting for the effect of damaging the headphones percent more than eighty! Many of my friends use headphones months appeared side ring on the other side does not ring, only to buy a new headset economic losses form! Economic crisis we have to do, "governor", now we have to share the entry-level headphones / earphones maintenance knowledge:

True wireless earphones complete
SONY headphone plug with a paragraph Move roots have sound, often a long one sound no sound, for example, leather jacket pulled the plug on the surprising discovery because the roots are often bent copper wire rubber plug in the once disconnected as long as Some tension bulletproof wire still attached (broken bones, tendons attached) non-tensile wire conductor bulletproof!

Once inside the rubber off copper
In fact, the more bulletproof true wireless earphones cable wire and copper contents of more solid, ordinary pull from time to time. Often fold to fold to assume (not necessarily intentionally fold, usually with bad habits in the true wireless earphones, unintentional!) Will form a damage!

Cut from decapitated at
Use scissors to carefully cut the plastic plug roots, revealed joints!
Exposed pad

Revealed four wires

The other end of the true wireless earphones cable poke, revealing four wires (wire)! Red for the right (R +) channel, the green line to the left (L +) channels, two yellow lines as public ground (G-)
It is also a match solder plating important part of the ordinary for the novice is difficult to compare! On enameled tin soldering iron power must be larger, more means of rosin flux or solder paste, etc. to complete!

Solder plating

Attentive to good tin plating lines and weld to the plug, must not "short" pad is relatively small, the solder to be over! Welding time can not be long, between plug welds and joints are made of plastic compartment separated, it is easy to weld a long time "short"! Above from left to right are green (L), Red (R), yellow (G) all 3.5mm stereo plug is so defined!

Solder joint position to be beautiful

The welded plug wrap with a hot melt!

With hot melt wrap

Then wrapped with a lighter roast hot melt melt instantly put the socket in front of the tube! Speed ​​and time to be with the good.

Tip: Your hands do not be just hot-melt adhesive to melt.

The socket front casing sleeve
Wait a minute! After cooling stripped off the excess until hot melt glue! On the basic shape!