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Fashion Bluetooth Headset

jaskey 2015-05-19 11:24:15

Due to the different uses of the bluetooth headset, the bluetooth headset species gradually enriched,Open headphones to listen to a sense of general nature, wear comfortable, cozy here that there is no sweltering, common in home appreciation HIFI bluetooth headset.

Many occasions will use the wireless bluetooth headset, in addition to radio and television systems, such as call centers, electronic teaching, family HIFI, Hands-free communication personal cell phone , "Silent conference" interview visits, tourism and other wireless headset systems are able to show their presence, it is becoming a trend.

Bluetooth headset to the present, the main unit or moving coil pronunciation pronunciation unit. Dynamic bluetooth headset is the most common, the most common headset, its drive unit is basically a small dynamic speakers, connected by a diaphragm vibration in the drive permanent magnetic field in the coil. Dynamic headphones more efficient, mostly for driving stereo headphone output, and reliable and durable. Bluetooth headset technology behind the development of so many years, has been very mature, but in the sound upgrade also encountered a bottleneck. In addition to electrostatic headphones, dynamic pronunciation unit also has a lot of derivative technology, which is now the most widely used iron pronunciation unit.    

Pronounce iron unit is the use of an alternating magnetic field electromagnet, vibrating part is suspended in an iron electromagnet front, signal through the electromagnet when the electromagnet magnetic field will change, so that the iron in the vibration sound. The advantage is long life, high efficiency. The disadvantage is that large distortion, narrow frequency response. Commonly used in early telephone handset. This technology is now mainly used earplugs above, since the moving iron pronunciation unit with respect to the pronunciation moving coil unit to be a lot smaller, a lot of high-end earbuds integrate two or even three iron pronunciation unit, the sound performance of each band are very good .  

With the city's noise pollution is getting worse, in outdoor use ordinary bluetooth headset, overshadowed only increase the volume to noise, so that not only can enjoy the wonderful music, but also has a great impact on their hearing. Appear noise canceling headphones, a good solution to this problem.   

Active noise reduction headset with a noise reduction, noise reduction, using Mike gathering outside sound, and act as a counterweight to the contrary acoustic effects of noise. There is a growing care for their health today, noise canceling headphones to better enjoy outdoor music, but also to ensure the health of the ear, is the future direction of the bluetooth headset.

The current science and technology rely on radio signals to transmit information easily, so cell phone radiation is inevitable. Mobile is a strong source of radiation, especially alarming is that the phone is turned on instantaneous power, long-term frequently make and receive calls even sudden death. Because of the intensity of radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, so keep a distance from the application of radiation to prevent the phone among the most effective. The basic principles of radiation protection headset also pull from the adult brain and mobile phones, violate this principle can not really play the role of radiation.