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Good bluetooth speakers have personality. Which country do you like?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-03-24

Hi-Fi, commonly known as high fidelity, for the pursuit of the ultimate in good bluetooth speakers, 100% of the on-site effects and sounds are recorded, and then decoded and played by the good bluetooth speakers system. Finally, 100% of the on-site effects are restored from the good bluetooth speakers. Top recording equipment, playback equipment, especially good bluetooth speakers, finally replayed the goal pursued. It is also the ultimate goal of hardcore enthusiasts.

It's just that ideals often only exist in theory. In reality, ideal and straight curves can only exist in the design stage. In fact, due to the difference of materials, the transmission loss of the current signal, and the acoustic characteristics of different materials, the final playback curve of good bluetooth speakers will have various fluctuations in different frequency bands. The same curve has different directions. Naturally It will also bring the same piece of music with different styles. This is the last time there will be various styles of products on the market.

In fact, different sound styles are mostly derived from the culture of different regions, the influence of culture, the influence of local customs, music culture and history, which are closely related to the trend of the local good bluetooth speakers product style, thus highlighting the sound performance. For these different styles, let's take a look at the characteristics of several major global styles.

◆◆British Voice

No matter where you want to be a gentleman, you must act as a lady even if you are in trouble. The products are simple and elegant, which can stand the performance of Jinse; the vocals are subtle, but the momentum is a little less dynamic.

When it comes to Britain, the first thing people think of is the Big Ben that stands like a gentleman on the Thames. In addition to being a British landmark, it actually represents a mirror of British culture. The persistence of traditional culture and etiquette has allowed the British to maintain a certain degree of restraint and temperament in this modern trend, which has also been inherited into the product. The product is elegant and delicate from appearance to sound, and the sound is unique in highlighting the mid-frequency, full, mellow, and high. The frequency is soft, but the music is strong. But just as a gentleman with a straight suit can’t let go, most products have some deficiencies in dynamics and momentum. They are more suitable for replaying vocal and string music, and classical concertos for small compilations. They also lack a bit of momentum in theater performance.

Good bluetooth speaker

◆◆American Voice

For example, the western cowboys are bohemian, unrelenting, and slightly less delicate. More than domineering and mighty, a little bit feminine.

American Voice, a typical representative of North American school. There are not too many cultural constraints with a long history, but more than 200 years of history has allowed the United States to have a more open and unfettered culture. The compatibility of foreign and local makes good bluetooth speakers and even music have multiple intersection styles and flavors. Blues, jazz, rock, and other music that show romance and freedom are particularly popular, and the products are rough and passionate. It also makes its good bluetooth speakers products famous for their atmospheric dynamics. They are as aggressive and aggressive as the young United States. They are superior in low frequency reproduction, good transient response, large output power, wide dynamic range, fast speed, and strong impact. The voice is tense and exciting, and it sounds strong and bold. But in terms of musical lines and finesse, it lacks some flavor. And the workmanship is a little less meticulous, and it's relatively large and rough.

◆◆Japanese sound

Be cautious, lest you ignore everything, be careful and considerate, but be thorough in everything. It is updated quickly and does not require high costs, and it is fully functional and lacks a taste. The machine is more than cool and stylish, but it has a bit of thickness.

As the inventor and leading country of fashion digital technology, Japan's good bluetooth speakers have been at the forefront in technical updates and format support. The comprehensive functions and ease of use are comprehensive, and like Japanese cars, the price is moderate and the functions are complete. It has become the first choice for most people to enter the circle of good bluetooth speakers.

However, it is not enough to focus on everything, especially on good bluetooth speakers. The sound is flat and slightly less atmospheric, and the digital flavor is a bit more musical in the delicate. Although AV power amplifiers are well-equipped and affordable, they are very popular in the market, but good bluetooth speakers are difficult to enter the high-end market.


The rigorous meticulousness fully demonstrates the style of an industrial power, and the timbre is graceful and majestic without a trace of timidity. All frequencies are accurate and impartial. Pursue rich details without letting go of finesse, demand accurate sound and disdain false style.

Strictness and meticulousness can't tolerate a trace of sloppyness, and no details are left in place. No matter from machinery to automobile, from daily use to good bluetooth speakers, made in Germany is a symbol of fine and high-end, tirelessly demanding every detail, and strict control of product quality has created a century-old quality of German products.

There are many people who grew up on the Rhine River, and there are many good bluetooth speakers who are as majestic as castles, and there are few extremely exaggerated works. In addition, it is also the birthplace of classical symphony and has a long history of music. Naturally, the sound of good bluetooth speakers is also atmospheric, balanced, detailed, rigorous and accurate, dynamic and accurate, from popular vocal lines to symphonic masterpieces. Control, replay movie products can also show all kinds of climax in blockbuster movies.

Good bluetooth speaker