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What should we pay attention to when choosing true wireless bluetooth earbuds? (3)

The power of wireless earbuds has always been one of the features consumers care about most, and of course the same is true when buying true wireless bluetooth earbuds. The true wireless bluetooth earbuds do not have a cable to install the battery. The battery can only be stored in the small body of the left and right ears. In order to improve the battery life, most of the true wireless bluetooth earbuds on the market use the "headphone binding charging storage.

What should we pay attention to when choosing true wireless bluetooth earbuds? (2)

People who love sports will care about the protection of earphones. There are many true wireless bluetooth earbuds on the market that claim that they can be used for sports. If you want to use this kind of product for sports, you must pay attention to the IPXX protection factor when buying. The first X is a dustproof coefficient of 0~6, and the second X is a waterproof coefficient of 0~8. The higher the coefficient, the better the protective performance of the headset. One thing you can pay special attention to, if you want to wear true wireless bluetooth earbuds to swim in the water, the waterproof coefficient of the earphone must reach IPX7 or higher.

What should we pay attention to when choosing true wireless bluetooth earbuds?(1)

In addition to the well-known big brands we have introduced that have launched true wireless bluetooth earbuds, in fact, there are so many brands on the market that have launched such products, and many of you may not even have heard of the name. The prices range from cheap to expensive, and the quality is also variable. Not all. For those who want to buy true wireless bluetooth earbuds for the first time, if they don’t do some homework before buying, they really don’t know where to start. So what should I pay attention to when buying true wireless bluetooth earbuds? The following author has compiled the purchasing guide of 6 true wireless bluetooth earbuds, so that you can buy true wireless bluetooth earbuds for the first time.

Why do all of my earbuds break so easily?

You aren’t storing wireless noise cancelling earbuds properly (There is no point in coiling them properly if you are just going to shove wireless noise cancelling earbuds in the bottom of your pocket or bag. Either have a dedicated hard shell case for wireless noise cancelling earbuds or a seperate pocket in your bag/jacket where they can fit in easily with room to breath and no likelyhood of getting squished or wet

UPS delivery using UAV

UPS is a member of the UAV FAA Advisory Board. CyPhy Works co-founder and chief technologist Helen Greiner • sodium said: "Now we do not need to apply through the red tape to obtain FAA special approval to conduct commercial operations." Last year, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, through its investment to a CyPhy pen an undisclosed amount of money.(speaker factory)

HKTDC 2020 Online Fair

Welcome to visit us via HKTDC Online Fair , please contact with us via mail for more information, thanks!

Why are large portable speakers more popular?

Nowadays,large portable speaker are very common in the market. Not long ago, Meizu also released a small Bluetooth speaker. So why are large portable speakers so popular?

How to use tws bluetooth headset

After the tws bluetooth headset is paired, the mobile phone needs to search for bluetooth devices. Generally, it takes about 5 seconds tosearch for the tws bluetooth headset.Most cell phone passwords are 0000 or 1234, but some are specially set by the manufacturer, which will be detailed in your tws bluetooth headset manual.


Good music needs to be paired with a dancing speaker that understands you

  • Author:Eva
  • Release Date:2020-10-15

Society is a collection of people. No matter how introverted a person is, how disliked to communicate with others, through various channels, he must be in contact with other people. No matter the lonely person or the sunny person, they all hope that someone can understand themselves and have a common topic in some fields with them.

But it is very rare to get a confidant. Confidant is not like family or love, but a feeling of mutual recognition, a special existence beyond friends. People who like music hope that someone can accompany them to enjoy music together, even if they are friends, they can't always be with you. Knowing your sound will let you find your "friends" when you live alone, and be with you at all times.

Now that you understand you, you must meet your requirements for music quality or feel. The minimum requirement for listening to music is that the music must not be distorted. The Sawolol NSP-220 dancing speaker not only has an exquisite appearance, but the black color scheme shows the stability and nobleness of the Sawolol dancing speaker. High-fidelity sound transmission, and compact surround sound system give you a shocking musical experience. The newly designed bass power amplifier unit reduces the distortion of sound waves during bass. Don't be afraid of the bass challenge, share the bass resonance experience with you.

At the same time, the clarity of the sound is particularly important. Among the various sound effects, many of them have extremely demanding requirements for pure human voices to satisfy the listening enjoyment as if they were in their ears. The Sawolol NSP-220 dancing speaker not only ensures the clarity of the sound, but also takes you deep behind the sound. The low-frequency reflection design of the dancing speaker allows the power of the bass to be fully utilized. The clear and textured sound surrounds you, spreading good music. It is like a friend for many years, who understands what you think and loves what you love, allowing you to swim in the ocean of music, and restore the world shown by music to your side.

Led Bluetooth Speaker

In leisure time, watching movies or chasing dramas at home is a common thing. With the continuous advancement of technology, the feeling of being on the scewodne has become more critical. When there is such a sound that meets your critical requirements It will greatly enhance the viewing experience of blockbuster movies. The Sawolol NSP-220 dancing speaker presents crisp and smooth voice dialogues and shocking explosive sound effects. It invites you into the wonderful world of the film very quickly with a fantastic voice.

Romantic music also needs good audio to support it, and it also needs someone who understands music to listen. Music has no national boundaries, and there is no distinction between people. Even people who are not professional in music have their own unique understanding and feelings about music, not to mention people who are more picky about music, and they need a strong speaker to present it. pleasant music.

The Sawolol NSP-220 dancing speaker reduces the bottom noise of the sound. Through advanced technology, the speaker handles the sound to a higher level, and releases the emotions displayed by the music to the fullest. When listening, it seems to be the emotion that is within your reach. You communicate fully with the music. The Sawolol NSP-220 dancing speaker understands your needs better and shows your feelings better.

It is not easy to find a soulmate. The dancing speakers that understand you do not have human feelings, but they have the same feelings as you, and are always by your side to accompany you. There are many romantic things, and the feeling of listening to music is one thing. Music can affect your mood, understand your Sawolol NSP-220 dancing speaker, let music accompany you better.

Want to find a unique "confidant" friend, come and learn about the high-quality and emotional Sawolol NSP-220 with customer service.