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Often hear true wireless Bluetooth headset, what is true wireless Bluetooth headset definition?

Eva 2020-10-14 16:17:01

The so-called "wireless Bluetooth headsets" (TWS for short), as the name suggests, are naturally completely free from the shackles of wires. Most of the wireless Bluetooth headsets commonly known by many people only omit the headset and audio source. True wireless Bluetooth headsets are further subtracted, which also means that there are differences in working principles. True wireless Bluetooth headsets will have the difference between the main earphone and the sub earphone. When connecting, you need to connect the transmitting device (mobile phone, tablet computer, music player with Bluetooth output, etc.) to the main earphone first, and then connect with the auxiliary earphone after confirming the connection. It can work normally after the connection is completed.

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That is to say, compared with traditional "wireless Bluetooth headset", the connection of wireless Bluetooth headset is not only the signal transmission between the headphones and the signal transmitting device, but also the wireless connection between the main and auxiliary headphones. Compared with traditional "wireless earphones", wireless Bluetooth headset  have a more complex structure, higher transmission requirements, and higher power consumption. These elements have a more obvious impact on the final sound effect. Even so, true wireless headphones are still an irreversible development trend. Also popular among young people. The noise reduction shield true wireless Bluetooth headsett not only gets rid of the shackles of wired, but also has an active noise reduction function, and it performs quite well in all aspects.

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