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Do you know why tws bluetooth earphone has left and right ears?

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2021-03-22

After wearing the tws bluetooth earphone for so many years, the attentive friends should all know clearly that whether it is a wired tws bluetooth earphone or a Bluetooth tws bluetooth earphone, there will be'L' and'R' on the two tws bluetooth earphones. Logo to distinguish between left and right ears. We always wear the tws bluetooth earphone according to the above distinction, so you know why do you have to distinguish it like this?

It seems that the two tws bluetooth earphones are exactly the same, but since each manufacturer is distinguished in this way, there must be a reason. Today, let us walk into the tws bluetooth earphone to reveal the secret lecture hall, and talk about why the tws bluetooth earphone should be divided into left and right ears~

 tws bluetooth earphone

1. The left and right asymmetrical tws bluetooth earphone is more suitable for ears

High-end tws bluetooth earphone, not a few dollars or more, are asymmetric tws bluetooth earphone designed according to the ergonomics of the human ear, such as the earpods tws bluetooth earphone that comes with Apple mobile phones, and the AKG tws that comes with Samsung S9 The bluetooth earphones are all ergonomically shaped tws bluetooth earphones, that is to say, the shell of this kind of tws bluetooth earphone is made according to the mold of the human ear. In terms of wearing comfort, it must be the most comfortable to fit the ears in the right direction; the opposite direction may be awkward and cause ear pain. . Just like the photo of ourselves taken by the camera on the front of the mobile phone, it is symmetrical and looks weird.

2. The left and right tws bluetooth earphone are designed according to the characteristics of human hearing

In terms of sense of hearing, the sense of hearing of the left and right ears of a person is different. For high-end tws bluetooth earphones, in order for people to hear more harmonious and unified music, it is necessary to fine-tune the sound of the left and right tws bluetooth earphones. The sound produced by the tws bluetooth earphone is different between the left and right, which is more obvious on the expensive, high-end tws bluetooth earphone. Therefore, if the left ear wears the left tws bluetooth earphone and the right ear wears the right tws bluetooth earphone, the listening experience will be very comfortable, and the sound will be strange if you wear it backwards.

3. From a stereo perspective, the sense of direction is correct

Stereo tws bluetooth earphone is an audio data restoration that simulates the sound field. Nowadays, movies and TV shows use stereo sound pickup. The sound is to imitate the structure of the human ear. Use two or more microphones to record sounds in different directions in different directions, and then synthesize, and then restore with the left and right tws bluetooth earphones. , So that you can hear the sound's left and right, far and near, fast and slow, front and back, and other three-dimensional effects. For example, if a train is displayed on a big screen from left to right, the sound you hear should change from left to right, but if the tws bluetooth earphone is worn upside down, then the sound you hear is from right to left. , And the picture is completely reversed, and it all sounds awkward.

4. From the perspective of music, it is more harmonious

When listening to some big scenes and well-made symphonies, the placement of various instruments is very particular, and the direction of the sound is also one of the elements that the composer wants to express. If you wear the tws bluetooth earphone upside down, the direction of the sound will be completely wrong, and the whole music will look strange and obtrusive, without any sense of beauty. This is more obvious when listening to Hi-fi audio and lossless audio.

 tws bluetooth earphone