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How do top bluetooth speakers work?

jaskey 2020-12-05 18:24:03

Simply put, top bluetooth speakers works the same way a wired speaker works, only without wire.

Ever realized that you need to "pair" those top bluetooth speakers  before you can use them? This is equivalent to plugging a top bluetooth speaker into the audio jack. Your Bluetooth device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) is built to understand that "either a cable is plugged in or an audio device is paired and active, all audio output should be directed to it".

After that, it's the same. Top bluetooth speaker  is something that is built to convert the data it receives to audio. It doesn't matter if it is sent via cable or wirelessly.
top blurtooth speakers
Also for convenience most top bluetooth speakers also feature a cable or a plug for a cable in case you want to listen to something on a device that doesn't have Bluetooth capability.

As to this NSP-228PL, this upgraded version top bluetooth speakers with high sound quality, night light.  with AUX cable, can connect the device without Bluetooth function.

Upgraded version top bluetooth speakers

Personally, I'm using mini bluetooth speakers when I'm out and using a top bluetooth speakers bridge at home which I wired into the audio in jack of my HiFi. This gives me the comfort of lack of cables together with flexibility to listen to the music on any of my devices anytime I want with just a few taps or clicks.

Hope this helps.