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The future Dancing speaker should be smart or sound quality?

2020-05-26 18:07:39

There are subdivisions about dancing speakers. Some say that Tmall Genie, Xiaodu dancing speakers, etc., which are more common on the market today, can only be called intelligent voice interaction systems. These dancing speakers embodies the basic question and answer in terms of intelligence and voice interaction.

In the future, dancing speakers may be able to achieve more interactive meaning, for example, turning on and off lights, some talking about shopping, some talking about controlling household appliances, and so on.

So now, how many people can upgrade all household appliances to smart? Therefore, through the speaker equipped with the intelligent voice interactive system, its degree of reduction of sound is far from being comparable to that of professional dancing speakers. The dynamic range is subject to the need to use voice to wake up, so the dynamic range is affected by the degree of reduction of music and is narrowed.

dancing speaker

Therefore, in the true sense, the sound needs to be able to completely restore the music, such as the performance of bass, and some of the performance of high frequencies. Well, like today's dancing speaker are already everywhere in the country. It is a dancing speaker in the true sense. It is not a simple one that can emit sound. Intelligence is a convenient interactive system. If you want to truly appreciate music, you need a professional sound. And so on, only the drums and instruments in the treble area of ​​the entire song can be fully reflected in order to be regarded as a real dancing speaker. In China, there are few in-depth researches and developments in the audio field, because imitation is more cost-effective.