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Apple is testing the app store search advertising

  • Author:James
  • Source:http://www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2016-06-22
This is apple again about mobile advertising.
Apple will email invite developers, testing the area of app store search advertising.
Like peas search advertising, apple's app store search looks also divided into two categories: + subtitle and application + subtitle + pictures show.(custom speaker)

The light blue with AD (AD) marked area, is LightRight developers for keywords "application filter (filter app)" after the success of two kinds of display the results.Is a set of search rankings behind advertising system.(custom speaker)
On the one hand, according to the online application or update to improve raw packets, the platform will automatically generate advertising display page.If you need to design advertising page, developers can also be embedded module interface, designed publicity pictures and upload information.(custom speaker)
On the other hand, the developers need to manually select users per click (CPC) price, hope the first time and duration, the iPhone, on the display, or both.
Background reference for developers and heat conversion, clickthrough rate, keywords these Numbers.(custom speaker)
It seems nothing special advertising model, which can help apple upset the app store model to make money again?

After the upgrade to iOS developers 10 beta, we in the United States district App Store can already see search advertising.But until now, there is a lot of this version problem.
We search "Facebook" and "Uber" these users use high frequency applications, the first to show the result is the application of some unknown.(custom speaker)
When a user searches for a particular name, the store will rival products at the top is clearly not the best user experience, even if there is a clear "Ad" ads.(custom speaker)
I like apple official recommendations, search advertising is designed to help those independent developers?
To know apple's app store search advertising, behind is actually a semi-automatic bidding system for advertising.A popular keywords, who offer higher and more have a chance to be the first show, so as to enable users to download.(custom speaker)

Is responsible for the vice President of apple's app store phil Schiller explained, "you can bid other brand advertising keywords, it is friendly to independent developers. Because big companies do not use these small company brand keywords. Small companies can compete."
However, the money of competition, compared to large companies, independent developers must still no advantage.(custom speaker)
Apple: why do you want to adjust the application of subscription/paid into.IOS 10 after the official launch, apple still points in the first year 30% of income, in the second year the proportion reduced to 15%.(custom speaker)

In addition, the developers @ Romain also mentioned some problems, such as search "hotels (hotel)" or "restaurants (restaurant)" will be mobile phone games, search "monument valley (monument valley)" can appear even pirated applications.
In China, apple's app store search ads will encounter more problems.(custom speaker)
Actually today search shops have a lot of people have in mind, but not by apple
Due to long-term lack of official promotion channels, apple's app store in China, most iOS application operation has a promotion, industry people call them "ASO", which is aimed at apple's app store ranking optimization.(custom speaker)
Pay more is WeChat integral wall.WeChat integral wall will release such as "go to the App Store search overseas online shopping, and then download the seventh 'A' application."
Users typically per download an application, use a few minutes can get 2 yuan (must be the account for the first time to download).
When searching for "overseas online shopping", after many download "application A", the App Store is back to raise the application under the overseas online shopping keyword rankings.Spend money to developers, is the other normal search expectations "overseas online shopping" users can see their applications, to download.(custom speaker)