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How do I connect best small bluetooth speaker to my laptop?

  • Author:Eva
  • Release Date:2020-11-05

Laptops cannot boast of best small bluetooth speaker.At best, they are enough for video calls and background music, as well as watching movies in a small and quiet room.If it is easier to connect a full-fledged audio system to a stationary PC, then a laptop is usually often moved around a room or apartment, which means that the wires will interfere with its comfortable use.

The situation can be corrected using a best small bluetooth speaker.
How to connect it to a laptop?
Windows connection
First of all, the laptop must have a Bluetooth module, if it is not there, then you can use a USB adapter.Connection procedures on Windows 10 and 8 are almost the same.
1) Through the "Start" menu, go to "Settings" and click "System".
2) Then, on the left, select the “Sound” item, find in it the category “Bluetooth and other devices”.
3) Turn on Bluetooth on the laptop, click “+” next to “Add Bluetooth or another device”.
4) The next thing to do is turn on the Bluetooth column and select the pairing mode.
5) After switching to pairing mode, wait for the speaker to appear among the detected devices and click on it to synchronize.
If the connection is successful, audio from the laptop will play through the best small bluetooth speaker.
If this does not happen, just in case, check if you forgot to turn up the volume on the laptop.

best small bluetooth speaker

If your laptop is running Windows 7, then follow these steps:
1) Turn on the best small bluetooth speaker as indicated in the instruction manual.
This is usually done by pressing and holding a specific button until the indicator light flashes.
2) Click on the “Start” button, select “Devices and Printers”.
3) Go to “Add device” in the upper left corner.
The system will automatically start searching for Bluetooth enabled devices that are nearby.
4) From the list, select the device you want to add to the laptop.

If you do not see the column, make sure it is turned on and discoverable. Windows may take a few seconds to detect it, so wait a bit. Click "Next."
Done - the speaker is connected.
Connecting a best small bluetooth speaker to a MacBook

Here, too, everything is extremely simple:
1) Turn on the best small bluetooth speaker and put it into discovery mode (usually a power button and / or a button with a Bluetooth icon).
2) In the taskbar, select “System Preferences”.
3) Go to the “Bluetooth” settings panel.
4) Turn on Bluetooth on the MacBook, if it is not already turned on, and then when the desired device appears in the list, check the box next to it.

It is enough to connect the best small bluetooth speaker to the Mac only once (as well as to Windows).
The column will remain connected until you delete it.
To delete it, click on the name while holding down the Control key.
How to connect two speakers to one laptop at once
Creating surround sound with just one wireless speaker will not work.
And it’s not at all as a gadget.
Just stereo needs two audio devices.
This is actually easy to implement, even if there is no stereo system at home.
It is enough to have at your disposal a pair of best small bluetooth speakers and a device from which you plan to play music.
Any laptop with a Bluetooth module will do, but there are some requirements for speakers.
These should be models of the same manufacturer.
Most wireless speakers of the same brand are synchronized with each other with just one click.
Therefore, if you prudently purchased a pair of identical speakers, then connecting them at the same time will not be difficult.

Consider the points on how to connect two best small bluetooth speakers at once:
1) Turn on the first speaker.
2) In the laptop settings, activate the Bluetooth function.
3) If the column has already been connected before, then it will immediately determine it.
If not, then just refresh the search.
4) When the gadget appears in the list, connect to it as described above (the characteristic sound of the column will make it clear that the devices are synchronized).
5) Turn on the second column and click on it speaker connect.
6) Perform the same action with the first column and enjoy the resulting stereo sound.

There are other options for connecting two best small bluetooth speakers at the same time, but for this, you will have to use wires or special applications.
Be that as it may, there is a simple opportunity to enjoy your favorite songs on two best small bluetooth speakers at once, and now you know how to do it.