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The best gift for Christmas

Krystal 2020-11-04 18:59:51

The Christmas sales season is coming.

Many people are still struggling to find orders for Christmas gifts, hoping to make preparations for purchases this Christmas. Christmas gifts need to be discounted, high-quality, and have novel features. Both adults and children like them. They can make children and children amused. Products that can entertain adults.

Christmas gifts

The above characteristics are the original and patented  Christmas gifts of jaskey limited, and Christmas gifts dancing speakers are fully compatible.

Design purpose: Through the progress of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, people are tired of traditional entertainment methods, and have a new understanding and higher pursuit of entertainment. In order to meet the needs of people, we designed a Christmas gifts dancing robot that can not only accommodate the emptiness and boredom of old people, but also satisfy the curiosity of young people and children, and at the same time stimulate their awareness and re-creation of new technologies. Basic idea: Through in-depth understanding of human actions, analyze the characteristics of human actions, and compare with the working principle and action process of the controlled object  Christmas gifts dancing robot, so as to determine the basic composition of the robot and select the appropriate mechanical components to assemble the robot's shape . Analyze the limitations and advantages of the robot's movements, set up the robot's dance movements, write programs according to the movements, and complete the work design. It can also satisfy adults' music entertainment, eliminate fatigue and create a better life.