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How to choose and buy appropriate oneself best mini speakers

  • Author:Emily
  • Release Date:2020-08-10

There are a lot of people who bought the stereo blindly and soon found it outdated and awkward to use, but now face the dilemma of continuing to use it unsatisfied or throwing it away because they did not consider the possibility of upgrading.So how do you choose the right best mini speaker?

1. whether there is a good audition environment.

Best mini speakers as a kind of individual difference biggest household electrical appliances product, it is to need to pass careful listen to compare good or bad, consider oneself to like what kind of sound quality characteristic even.

However, some audio companies only provide a place to show without giving you the space to listen, which is just like a department store.

best mini speaker

Dedicated listening rooms do not "beautify" sound quality, they merely provide a neutral, unobtrusive space for you to carefully compare the characteristics of the system, and their smooth acoustic characteristics fully reflect the advantages and disadvantages of best mini speakers.

In addition, well-designed listening rooms often reflect whether the business understanding of acoustic knowledge, business taste and strength.

2.whether the seller knows the business

Be careful if the business struggles with your questions about performance and usage or tells you "it's just good" but doesn't know what's good.

Because if the merchants themselves do not understand, of course, they can not recommend good products to you, and they may not even know whether the products they enter are genuine.So the sound must know the talent can manage well.Qualified audio businessmen not only understand their own products, but also must understand the characteristics of other commodities on the market, but also can more objectively introduce you to the characteristics of different best mini speakers.

best mini speaker

3.It is not enough to be genuine.

Buy best mini speakers and buy other thing to differ, not be to want to be sure to be good only really sound, acoustics is to have individual character, collocation is bad just as husband and wife "disposition is not compatible" same meeting is very awkward.

For example, the sound base of most power amplifiers in Japan is cold and hard, and the digital taste is heavy.

Only suitable for soft tone, some warm best mini speakers to match, if you use less than ten thousand yuan of products, the same "cold" German best mini speakers and recognized very "hard" JBL collocation, the sound will be very difficult to listen or very bad, so spend more money will not be good effect.

However, many businesses, including the agents of some famous brand equipment, ignore this factor, in order to promote their own products often engage in some "mismatches", which is very irresponsible.

In addition to the requirements of self-discipline, consumers should also understand the knowledge of collocation, avoid blindly follow the advertising recommendations.

Additional, same price, because the brand is different, its musical quality is different also, the product performance that often can produce high price to buy is inferior to the circumstance of fair-price product, because this understands listen to sound knowledge, it is the necessary condition that buys acoustics.

4.Whether the need for upgrading has been considered.

There are a lot of people who bought the best mini speakers blindly and soon found it outdated and awkward to use, but now face the dilemma of continuing to use it unsatisfied or throwing it away because they did not consider the possibility of upgrading.You will find that waste is more expensive than using advanced equipment.

Some consumers act last year bought a home theater, and later found that sound quality is bad, this year also, the equipment to buy hi-fi, and buy more consumers even if find errors "on", also make them lose the chance of getting along with beautiful music, under the condition of capital budget is limited, to get a good sound system and it's not easy, how to reasonable collocation becomes even more important.