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11 important parameters to consider when purchasing a mobile Bluetooth speaker

2020-05-27 18:44:12

When we buy things, we have to look at the parameters of the product. Whether the material we like is suitable for ourselves. When we choose amobile Bluetooth speaker that we like and are suitable for Bluetooth, we must also consider the parameters. Of course, no matter what type of mobile Bluetooth speaker we choose, we must consider the parameters. Each model will have its own parameters, but how do you look at the parameters, and what does it mean, not everyone knows, or some people ca n’t understand it when buying speakers, so they buy mobile Bluetooth speakers with their own feelings. Later, you will find that the audio equipment you bought is not suitable or the quality is not good, so how to look at the parameters of the mobile Bluetooth speaker. The following is a Bluetooth speaker as an example. The other speakers also refer to these factors. So how to choose the mobile Bluetooth speakers that suits you? The following points of reference:

1. Frequency response range.

The frequency range of the sound that our human ear can hear is 20Hz-20000Hz. The greater the frequency response range of the mobile Bluetooth speaker, the more and richer the included audio frequency, so the frequency response range of the Bluetooth speaker is larger than the frequency response range. Smaller is better, because once there is distortion, speakers with a large frequency response range will still have a richer sound and better effects than mobile Bluetooth speakers with a small frequency response range.

2. Bluetooth version

       Choose a high-Bluetooth version of the speaker, because the higher the Bluetooth version, the more energy-efficient the mobile Bluetooth speaker, the longer the effective distance, and the stronger the Bluetooth compatibility. Lower versions of Bluetooth may not guarantee good battery life and signal transmission.

3. The endurance of the speaker

       The mobile Bluetooth speaker is not directly powered on and uses battery life, so the battery life of the speaker battery should not be too short. Like a mobile phone, of course, I hope that the longer the one-time use, the better. Normally, under other conditions, the battery capacity is proportional to the usage time. The larger the power supply capacity, the stronger the endurance. Whether we are watching movies, listening to music or playing games, we are more and more excited.

4. Impedance

How to distinguish the impedance of a mobile Bluetooth speaker. When we choose a mobile Bluetooth speaker, the lower the impedance of the speaker, the greater the input current. When purchasing, it is recommended to choose a speaker with a large impedance, or choose the speaker impedance that suits you according to your own conditions. The current common speaker impedances are 4Ω, 6Ω 8Ω, 16Ω, etc., and 8Ω is the recommended value of international standards.

5. Sensitivity

Sensitivity is a parameter that affects the volume of the mobile Bluetooth speaker. In the case of the same distance, the volume adjustment is consistent. The higher the sensitivity of the speaker, the louder the sound, and does not affect the sound quality. However, the increase in sensitivity will affect the degree of distortion, so you must choose between the sound quality and the degree of distortion when buying.

6. Distortion

For multimedia speakers, distortion is unavoidable, but if it is within a reasonable range, it will not affect the sound quality of mobile Bluetooth speakers. It is reasonable that the distortion of 2.0 speakers should be below 1%.

7. Signal to noise ratio

The signal-to-noise ratio refers to the ratio of the normal sound signal played back by the speaker to the noise signal when there is no signal. Generally speaking, the larger the signal-to-noise ratio, the smaller the noise mixed in the signal and the higher the quality of sound playback. The signal-to-noise ratio should generally not be less than 70dB, and the signal-to-noise ratio of high-fidelity speakers should reach more than 110dB.

8. Sound quality

The most direct way to understand the sound quality of a mobile Bluetooth speaker is to personally listen to the sound of the mobile Bluetooth speaker. From an objective point of view, the sound quality of the mobile Bluetooth speaker cannot be contended with the big speaker due to physical limitations. But for the vast majority of users who are not golden ears, the use of small mobile Bluetooth speakers with tablets and mobile phones is enough to meet the hearing needs. When auditioning, we should pay attention to a few points. First, whether the loudness of the speaker is loud enough; second, whether the treble breaks at the maximum volume; the most commonly used to listen to popular music and movies is the mid-high frequency part of the mobile Bluetooth speaker. Whether the resolution is high enough (clear and delicate), whether the sound is excessive; at the end of the low frequency, don't be too harsh, too much low frequency will cause the human voice to tremble, and it can be within its basic expected range.

9. Rated power

The power is divided into rated power and maximum power. However, in order to cater to consumer psychology, many manufacturers usually mark the power of the speaker as large, so when purchasing a speaker, the rated power should prevail. The index of power does not indicate the quality of the speaker, and it is not the bigger the better, it just provides a reference for the optional power amplifier.

10. Portability and versatility

The portability and versatility of the Bluetooth speaker mainly refers to the size and weight of the Bluetooth speaker and whether it is convenient to carry. It is particularly important to consider whether the Bluetooth speaker can be waterproof and drop-proof if it is used outdoors. When we play outdoors, it is inevitable that we will encounter rainy weather and uneven roads. It is inevitable that many things are thrown together and dropped. The waterproof level is the IPX level of the product. The higher the level, the better the protection. .

11. Other functions of speakers

Such as NFC function, NFC is a fast connection mode of Bluetooth, we all know that Bluetooth and mobile phone pairing is very cumbersome, and if you use NFC to pair, you do n’t need to search, select, enter a password and other procedures, just connect your phone The NFC area on the speaker can be paired with a light touch, which is very convenient.

There is a possibility of choosing one of the two parameters of the mobile Bluetooth speaker. It is impossible to take care of all, and there is a problem of trade-offs. We choose the mobile Bluetooth speaker to meet most of the requirements or to meet our own requirements as much as possible, without being too tangled in one place.

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