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Folding concept smart phones

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com/ 2016-07-26 15:56:18

Smartphone screen is trying to toward the direction of the "no biggest, only bigger" run all the way, old flip phone is already obsolete.(stereo speakers)

Recently, a new concept of folding phones Drasphone combines flip phone and touch screen mobile phone today, the advantages of a bright.(stereo speakers)

Drasphone have four section of the fuselage, with a total of three point bending, can carry out three kinds of seamless fold, half fold, folding and fully expanded, all is like the accordion, sense of science and technology.
In the condition of fully folded, its size is similar to a Swiss army knife.But after open, it has become a full-scale giant screens.(stereo speakers

Although this phone folding way and hinge does seem a bit odd, but it seems no effect for its user interface.
Sensor is designed to be behind the screen, look from the image, it also has the function of most smartphones, such as cameras, weather, emails, notice, etc., in addition to basic operating, Drasphone even a pair of front stereo speakers.

Of course, as a concept phone design, Drasphone appear very avant-garde.For now, it might also faces considerable technical barriers.We are looking forward to dare to try the emergence of the creative design of the hardware stereo speakers manufacturers.