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What Are Earphones/Earbuds and bluetooth in ear headphones

2020-04-17 18:56:11

Bluetooth in ear headphones are the smallest headphones that can be found on the market but they are probably the most common ones. They are very popular thanks to their size, light weight, portability, and reasonable prices. They are so widespread that you get one pair whenever you buy a new smart phone. Bluetooth in ear headphones can be wired or wireless and their price varies depending on the type.

bluetooth in ear headphones

If you have simply checked online ads, you have probably noticed that two different kinds of these small Bluetooth in ear headphones are present on the market and that they can be differently named, which often confuses customers. Both types have small earpieces with very small drivers inside them, which are connected with audio cable. Most of them have an inline mic (built in a control pad on the audio cable) or built-in mic (built in one of the earpieces) but the greatest difference between them is made by the shape of their earpieces.


Bluetooth in ear headphones/earbuds are the small headphones that don’t go deep inside your ear canal but lie on the outer ear instead. This is the type of earphones that come with most of the smartphones and they usually don’t have ear tips or cushions. In case of prolonged use, they can make your ears sore and painful because the plastic is directly in contact with your skin. They also leak sound and can’t protect you from ambient noise.

bluetooth in ear headphones

2) Bluetooth in ear headphones

Bluetooth in ear headphones are earphones which come with ear tips made from silicone, foam or similar materials that prevent the plastic from hurting your ears and skin. These Bluetooth in ear headphones are inserted deep inside your ear canal making your listening more private and providing good noise isolation.