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Advantages of live broadcast

2020-07-28 12:51:48
1:Change the mode

First of all, although the traditional e-commerce model has changed the traditional offline shopping model to make shopping more convenient and price comparison more convenient, the form dominated by pictures is too abstract for consumers to see, see and feel the products, which cannot meet the needs of consumers for more detailed understanding of the products.After all, video & GT;The picture & gt;The text.The information dimension of live broadcasting ismore abundant, which enables consumers to have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of product content and service information.The biggest advantage of live streaming is that it allows consumers to immerse themselves in the shopping scene.

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2:The communication

Secondly,consumers can directly communicate with anchors (sellers) through live streaming and ask questions in real time.It not only integrates the social attributes, but also greatly improves the shopping experience and has a more detailed understanding and familiarity with goods.It can not only fully understand the goods, but also shorten the distance between consumers and businesses.And anchors not only play the role of sales and customer service,but also as trial users.

3:Customer acquisition cost reduced

With the increase of customer acquisition cost of e-commerce platforms, the use of live streaming technology for drainage and product interpretation can reducethe cost of customer acquisition.However, consumers under the trend of consumption upgrading, especially young and sinking market consumers, rely on the guidance of opinion leaders.According to the Quest Mobile report, thepost-90s and post-00s have become the core group of the mobile shopping industry, accounting for over 40%. They have a strong desire to buy things, are easy to be induced and generate impulse consumption, and their online consumption ability is significantly higher than that of the whole network.