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How to better choose and use speakers

For musiclovers, they have a set of their favorite sound system, and one of theimportant components-speakers, play a decisive role in the quality of thereplay sound, so when choosing speakers, they will take great pains, but apartfrom comparing the speaker technology In addition to indicators and listeningevaluation, some small knowledge about speakers will also allow you to betterchoose and use speakers.

1.Somenew speakers need to be used for a period of time before they can exert theirexcellent performance. This is the so-called "boiler". Otherwise, itsplayback sound will appear hard and overly bright, or it may be too tight tolet go. This should be known by many fans but not taken seriously.

2.Thesmall bookshelf speaker is limited by the size of the cabinet and the unitsize, its bass dynamic range cannot be too large, so it should not pursue itslow-frequency shock performance, nor is it suitable for the replay of loudmusic.

Bluetooth Speaker4

3.Thenominal impedance of the speaker is usually 4Ω and 8Ω. The 4Ω impedance speakercan make the power amplifier output more power, but because the impedance islow, the output current capability of the power amplifier is high. This is forsome Power amplifiers with small margins tend to increase distortion, so it isbest to choose speakers with an impedance of 8Ω.


4.Althoughthe speakers of the small size speaker unit can achieve very good listeningeffects, this type of speaker is only suitable for close listening. For a roomwith a larger space, a large speaker with a larger speaker unit should beselected to achieve a good listening effect.

5.Atwo-wire split speaker has two sets of speaker binding posts. For normalconnection, the two sets of binding posts are connected in parallel. At thistime, the speaker wire must be connected to the pair of binding posts in thelow frequency unit, otherwise due to the two sets of binding posts. The effectof low frequency replay is mostly lost due to the connection or copper used inparallel.

6.Thefloor-standing speakers are placed on the ground, but the resonance of theground often affects the balance of the replayed sound, and even causes thebass to blast, so in most cases, foot studs are indispensable. Some speakersneed to be equipped with a pair of feet with a suitable height and placed onthe table or cabinet at will. Due to the reflection of sound waves, theplayback characteristics of the speakers will often change.

7.Forspeakers with inverted holes set on the back baffle of the speaker, thedistance between it and the back wall must be adjusted to achieve normal andreasonable low-frequency performance. Too close, generally will produce toomuch low frequency or ambiguous sound, too far, may make the low frequencyinsufficient. There is no need to worry about speakers with inverted holes onthe front baffle.

8.Thespeakers are extremely susceptible to the acoustic characteristics of the roomwhere they are placed and where they are placed. When the speaker is placed indifferent spatial environments, its sound effect will be different. Even if thesame speaker has the same frequency response through the balanced playbacksystem, as long as the room size is different, the sound effect will bedifferent.