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2015 Double 11 turnover reached 91.2 billion

James www.jaskeyworld.com 2015-11-12 18:20:46

Zero as 12, 2015 Tmall double 11 world carnival.Double 11 day trading breakthrough 91.217 billion this year, in which mobile turnover of 62.6 billion yuan, accounting for 68%, participated in the activities of commodities have electrical appliances, mobile phones, digital equipment, outdoor wifi speakers, headphones, clothing and so on.Tmall again refresh the amount recorded online shopping city.(outdoor wifi speakers)

Double tenth origin: "a" double tenth namely every year on November 11, is represented by the electronic commerce, within the scope of the whole of China the rise of large shopping promotion day.Since 2009, a year on November 11, represented by Tmall, jingdong, Su Ningyi buy large e-commerce sites usually use this day to do some massive discount promotions, in order to improve the sales amount, gradually become China's biggest Internet business promotion revelry activity.(outdoor wifi speakers)

Double tenth a singles day now has become the world's largest online shopping festival, although "double 11" created a marketing miracle, but behind the existing problems are worthy of reflection.(outdoor wifi speakers)

BBS newspaper reported that the French love "singles day" buying "there is irrational color", but often "can't hold their hand", and now no matter whether the "bare branches", often can't avoid custom on this day.Reported has been the "bachelor day" shopping calmly, points out that many discount contain much water, and also quite a few illegal businessmen to sell fake and inferior commodities, but "a bargain in China some people will like you.Report says "singles day" is a holiday for young people to a great extent, slightly older people on the custom still disagree.(outdoor wifi speakers)