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Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg will donate 99% stake

James http://www.jaskeyworld.com 2015-12-02 18:17:31

   According to media reports, Facebook CEO mark zuckerberg and his wife, said on Tuesday that will be donated to a new charitable organizations they hold 99% of Facebook shares.At present, the value of this part of the shares at $45 billion.(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    Zuckerberg in an E-mail to my daughter announced the decision.Zuckerberg's daughter, who was born in last week.(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    Zuckerberg's this plan with other well-known rich, such as Warren buffett and Bill Gates.Gates has established a charitable foundation, such as putting their wealth to charity.(best portable bluetooth speaker)
In his Facebook page, zuckerberg posted himself, his wife Priscilla Chan and her daughter's family photo.He also issued a "letter" to our daughter.(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    In this 2200 word letter, zuckerberg and Priscilla chan talked about the health, education, and popularization of the Internet, then announced will start the "Chen zuckerberg project".The purpose of this project is "exert human potential, promote fairness".(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    zuckerberg and Priscilla chan, said they plan to in the process of life to donate 99% of Facebook shares held by the, in order to promote the project.This project will be in the form of a limited liability company, and control is zuckerberg couple.At the beginning of the start, the project will focus on personalized learning, disease treatment, Internet connection, and the development of the community.(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    Max Chan Zuckerberg was born in earlier in the week, about 3.4 kg, but Facebook has not released her birthday.Zuckerberg's previously announced, after our daughter was born, he will have a rest two months paternity leave.(best portable bluetooth speaker)
    So far, Priscilla chan and zuckerberg has invested $1.6 billion to charity.There have been a number of donations this year, they have.Donation goals include public schools, better wireless Internet service projects, and San Francisco general hospital.Priscilla chan is a pediatrician San Francisco general hospital.(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    Zuckerberg signed "pledges" at the age of 26.According to this promise, many global rich will be put in the process of life more than half of all wealth donated to charity.(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    Zuckerberg said that for many years, he still plans to act as their CEO of Facebook.Facebook said, in the foreseeable future, zuckerberg will continue to be the controlling shareholder of the company.Facebook said at the same time, in the next three years, zuckerberg Facebook shares donate up to $1 billion a year.(best portable bluetooth speaker)

    zuckerberg and Priscilla chan said that at the end of maternity and paternity leave, they will disclose more information.(best portable bluetooth speaker)