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What product could be made from wood-Wooden headphone

James www.jaskeyworld.com 2015-10-10 17:22:07

What product could wood be made from?Wooden headphone

Construction industry: House/Furniture/Crosstie/ Kitchen stuff

Toy/Craved artwork/Packing

I believe you have many many ideas for the wood products.

And do you know the leftover bits and pieces from the big products produce, where did they go and for what?

Here is a new idea for wood product!! Wooden headphone

From our design and worker’s perfect job, the wood piece got a new life as it’s nature good quality(the wood always provide the nature for the sound of room)
Wooden headphones are the best. They have texture and can last a long time
A good ECO life quality and a great musical feeling.

Wooden headphones