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After the tws bluetooth headset is paired, the mobile phone needs to search for bluetooth devices. Generally, it takes about 5 seconds tosearch for the tws bluetooth headset.Most cell phone passwords are 0000 or 1234, but some are specially set by the manufacturer, which will be detailed in your tws bluetooth headset manual.

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Influencing factors of tws headset sound quality

When buying a tws headset, we need to consider whether the sound quality of the tws headset can meet our own needs. The difference in sound quality is related to our use. After all, the headset is used to talk or listen to music. Shrill, so what are the factors that affect the sound quality of tws headsets?

1. The Bluetooth version of the tws headset

tws headset

The Bluetooth version is a very important aspect that affects the sound quality of the Bluetooth headset. The higher the Bluetooth version, the faster and more stable the signal transmission. The less consumers will encounter signal disconnections and sound freezes during calls and listening to songs In other phenomena, the natural clarity of the call is higher, and the sound quality will be much better.For the time being, the Bluetooth tws headset products on the market generally use Bluetooth 4.1, and some high-end Bluetooth headset products have Bluetooth 4.2, 5.0 Version, abramtek E3, the 5.0 Bluetooth version of the Bluetooth tws headset is currently the best price-performance ratio in the same price range.

tws headset

2. Headphone speaker of Bluetooth tws headset

tws headset

The quality of the tws headset we use is still a large part of the deciding factor is the headset speaker. The sound quality effect of the headset speaker is determined by the magnet, diaphragm, voice coil wire in the speaker, and the material used for the voice coil wire In view of this, copper wires have better mid-to-low frequencies and better sound quality and longevity for the sound-generating unit. Judging from the type of magnets in the horn, the performance of NdFeB magnets is far superior to iron oxide magnets.

3. Bluetooth chip of tws headset

The quality of the headphone signal transmission is mainly determined by the headphone chip. The chip CSR8645 APTX > CSR8635, CSR8620 and other models below CSR8645 > Taiwan 's Luoda chip, Zhuhai' Jerry chip, the chip is like the heart of every Bluetooth tws headset, This is very important.The chips CSR8645 and APT-X reduce power consumption and realize high-speed lossless sound quality transmission.At present, mainstream high-end Bluetooth headsets basically use the form of bundling CSR8645 and APT-X to achieve high-speed lossless sound quality transmission, a powerful and efficient management system.Other models below CSR8645 such as CSR8635 are installed on ordinary Bluetooth tws headsets, that is, they do not support HIFI lossless audio transmission .Not all models of CSR Bluetooth chips support HIFI lossless audio transmission. Models above CSR8645 such as CSR8670 and APT-X also support HIFI lossless audio transmission.

tws headset

In addition, whether the chip comes with DSP digital noise reduction technology, CVC echo processing technology, whether it supports APT-X, AAC, LDAC and other technologies are also factors that affect the sound quality of headphones.In addition, the performance of different brands of chips is still very different.At present, the sound performance of CSR 's Bluetooth chips is better than that of products such as Luoda and Chuangjie. Consumers can choose to use them when they buy.The chip's Bluetooth headset product.

4. Headset cavity of Bluetooth tws headset

Whether the acoustic cavity of the earphone is scientific is also an important aspect that determines the quality of the sound of the earphone. However, due to the high cost of research and development, and the relatively difficult to realize innovative discoveries and inventions, few manufacturers currently study this area professionally.Therefore, when consumers buy Don't pay too much attention to this aspect of the headset.Most of the Bluetooth headsets are in-ear, and the stethoscope effect is very serious. That is, when they are worn, the earplug line or the earplug is impacted by the outside world (generally rubbing with the clothes), and the vibration generated is directly transmitted into the ear canal through the earplug line, which is Very unpleasant.The friction sound, the stethoscope effect is more obvious when exercising.

The main factors that affect the sound quality of Bluetooth tws headsets are the above four factors, which are important factors that need to be understood when purchasing sports tws headsets. There are other factors such as wearing However, many manufacturers in the Bluetooth headset market have carried out false propaganda, using fake and inferior components to pretend to be brand components, and enticing consumers to purchase while increasing higher profits.Therefore, before buying, consumers are better to go to the physical store to listen more, so as not to be deceived.