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Animal speaker usually uses the standard operation

In order to better enjoy the sound effects when playing music, experience the thrill of playing games, watching movies is an immersive infection. We will buy animal speakers to meet our needs for sound. In order to achieve the sound effects brought by the animal speakers, generally the animal speakers we buy are relatively high quality. We are not willing to meet a animal speaker with satisfactory sound effects. We will not buy animal speakers at will, so if we want to make the animal speakers have a long life, we must not care about the maintenance and use of the animal speakers. There are 6 specific points to note:

animal speaker

1. The animal speaker usually uses the standard operation:

Before using it, check whether it is placed in an appropriate position. If there is any wiring, check whether the wiring is correct and whether the position of the potentiometer is too large. During the operation of starting up, shutting down, restarting, etc., the size of the animal speaker should be turned to the minimum or the power supply should be used to protect the animal speaker. In normal use, the volume of the speaker should not be turned up too much. In addition to the problem of sound distortion, some high-dynamic fever discs are definitely speaker killers. Do not work for a long period of time, it is easy to damage the power supply and the amplifier circuit. The bookshelf speaker should prevent accidental collision and fall from the tripod. It is best to affix a few pieces of double-sided tape to the bottom of the box. Animal speakers that need to be connected to the speaker cable will be more or less oxidized when the animal speaker is used to replace the speaker cable. This layer of oxide film will greatly affect the contact state, thereby reducing the sound quality. The user should use cleansers to clean the contact points and brake. Keep the best connection. Too many animal speakers, don't pay attention to shut down the machine.

2. The precautions for animal bluetooth speakers:

A newly purchased animal bluetooth speaker needs a break-in time just like a new car, that is, the "burner" in the speaker industry. Only after a full break-in can the speaker reach its full potential. Since the important component "speaker" inside the speaker is the key component that determines the sound quality and doping of the speaker, the new speakers are generally stiff, so the animal bluetooth speaker needs to be cooked. After the softening process of the machine, the speaker will be better and more durable. It is recommended not to use a large volume to frantically cook, mid-high, mid-range and bass are used as a machine to slowly run in, so that the mechanical part (the vibration part is equivalent to the mechanical part) will get the best run-in. There is no benefit to the speaker at all. If the sound coil is not well-cooked, the voice coil may be slow to simmer to taste. At the same time, the sound quality will become more and more beautiful. There are many specific ways to cook the machine, and there are also a lot of music for the cooker. For more content, you can search for related knowledge from the Internet.

3. The animal bluetooth speaker should pay attention to choose the venue:

When the animal bluetooth speaker is turned to the maximum sound, the phenomenon of broken sound is a common occurrence. When the sound power of a speaker is 100w, we feel the best when we turn the animal bluetooth speaker to 70-80w. Any machine The maximum capacity to consume life will not be very long, the effect will be discounted, the best state of the speaker is to turn the volume to about 80%, just use different animal bluetooth speakers in different places to achieve the best effect, we ca nt Use mini animal bluetooth speakers to go to the square dance, and use high-power audio to play as children's learning equipment. The technical industry has specialization, and the speakers should also be used in different venues and power.

4. Pay attention to the placement of speakers:

One is that the speaker should be placed in a place to avoid direct sunlight, and the speaker should not be placed next to the heating sheet and in places where the temperature is too low, otherwise it will cause blistering on the surface of the cabinet or the aging of electrical components, not to place the speaker for a long time Second, do not place the speaker too close to the CRT display. Because the CRT monitor is too delicate, even the anti-magnetic speaker can also have a certain influence on the monitor. Third, in order to save space, we usually put the speakers under a computer desk or stack them together, so that the animal bluetooth speakers cannot better release the sound effect, there will be no good sound performance, let alone the presence of sound field positioning. The correct method should be: symmetrically placed around the display.

5. Avoid use in harsh environments:

The various components of the speaker such as cloth, wood veneer, paper cone, tweeter film, hanging edge, centering bracket, adhesive, voice coil, etc. are mostly sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. If the temperature is too low or too high, the stability of these components will be affected. For example, if the temperature is too low for less than 5 months, the overhang will easily become brittle. At this time, if the volume is large, the overhang will easily break. If the temperature is higher than 40 , the voice coils will overlap, so the animal bluetooth speaker should avoid being placed in the place where it is exposed to sunlight, next to the heating plate and where the humidity is below zero. The influence of humidity is also great. If it is too dry, the veneer outside the speaker will burst, and the thick wooden box is also prone to cracks. The solution is to purchase a humidifier or put fresh water indoors. If the humidity is too high, the sound basin is prone to moisture and mold, the sound is weak, and the wiring is easily oxidized. It is also very important to protect the speaker from dust and clean. It is best to add a dust cover when not listening to the speaker. The surface of the speaker can be wiped with a towel dipped in warm water and wiped, but you must remember to dry it before turning on.

6. Prevent sudden impact of large signals:

Generally, there are the following situations: One is that the potentiometer switch has not been turned back to the lowest value after the last listening or someone has mistakenly moved the potentiometer, and it will be in a large volume state as soon as it is opened, causing a large signal impact. The second is that there is a sudden in the music. If you do nt have the mental preparation, turn up the volume, and the large dynamic signal will easily damage the speaker. Such as explosions, drums, thunder and so on. The third is that when the audio is working normally, the signal cable and the power cable are suddenly plugged in. At this time, a large current impact will occur, which is most likely to damage the animal bluetooth speaker.

animal bluetooth speaker