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The sound quality of the speaker is affected by the audio data, and a better way to adjust the sound

We like to use the speaker to bring out the atmosphere after get off work, when we take a break, when there is an event, or when there is some other entertainment. For convenience, we will choose a Bluetooth speaker. However, the speaker will also get stuck after a long time. So what are the countermeasures for the "strike" of the speakers? Here are a few tips for effectively improving the sound quality of speakers.

First of all, we have to understand what some data affects the sound quality of the speakers:

Minimum bandwidth required for CD sound quality: 44.1kHz (sampling rate) X 16bit (bit depth) X 2 channels = 1411200 bit/s = 1.41Mbit/s

Bluetooth sound transmission bandwidth is generally 1Mbit/s. The theoretical maximum peak value is 3Mbit/s, and it cannot reach this value continuously and steadily. Therefore, high-quality audio cannot be transmitted.

The Bluetooth transmission process is simplified to this, taking MP3 as an example (MP3→PCM→AAC/SBC/apt-X→PCM) to decode twice and encode once. Too much wear and tear. Therefore, the loss of details of audio transmission will bring about quality degradation.

But whether the sound is good or not is determined by 3 main components. Audio source, transmission, decoding and playback equipment.

The sound source is good, the transmission is generally lossy (Bluetooth), and the quality of the decoding and playback equipment is excellent (such as a high-resolution DSP and an excellent speaker unit). Can also get an excellent sense of hearing.

In addition to the above little knowledge of audio decoding! We can also improve the sound quality of sound from other places!

1. Adjust the volume of smart terminals such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones to about 80%, and the volume of speakers to 80% or less, not too high or too low.

2. The less interference, the better the sound. Indoor household appliances and computers should avoid sharing a set of power supplies with the stereo, even if they are placed together, they should also obtain power from other places. Secondly, making the wiring entangled will also cause the wires to absorb noise and damage the sound quality. Whether it is equipment or connecting cables, it should be kept free from interference from other electrical appliances or power cords. Try to use them separately.

3. Try to use the speaker to play as many types of music as possible during the playback, so that the high, medium and low frequency of the speaker can be fully extended. To prevent the speaker's shrapnel from being used for a long time will cause aging.

4. Furniture and debris are already good sound-absorbing materials, and laying a rug already has a basic effect of enhancing sound absorption. The advantage of adding a carpet is that it can reduce the reflected sound of the floor and avoid mixing the sound from the front to cause turbidity. In addition, the glass and mirrors in the room will have a strong effect of reflecting sound, which needs to be covered with curtains to solve the problem. Using these measures can effectively absorb sound and prevent the speaker from echoing.

5. Place a dollar coin on the back of the speaker or put a cork pad (or rubber pad) at each of the 4 corners at the bottom of the box to increase the anti-vibration effect and also improve the sound quality of the speaker.

6. Fully clean the contacts once every six months to prevent poor contact caused by oxidation.