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How to configure portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment?

jaskey 2021-01-06 15:47:06
The combination of portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment configuration has certain rules to follow. It is not a simple collocation. A lot of money is spent on high-end portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment, but the portable Bluetooth speakers sound quality is not satisfactory after the combination. Portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment of different brands has different sound personalities. Brand equipment has different sounds due to different grades. portable Bluetooth speakers is not difficult to know how to match equipment, but if you want to form a set of portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment that meets your own appreciation requirements in the specified price range, portable Bluetooth speakers there will be more room for upgrade in the future. not easy.
portable Bluetooth speakers

Generally speaking, the main considerations when configuring portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment:

1. Balance, the signal source, amplifier, and portable Bluetooth speakers should be basically consistent and coordinated in the overall technical performance level, so that the overall quality is high.

2. Complementarity, from the perspective of sound quality evaluation, the portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment combination should follow the "cold and warm complementation", "fast and slow matching", but this is not half of the mutual neutralization, so as not to lose personality.

3. Practicability, do not blindly pursue high-end portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment, do not deviate from the limitations of the actual listening environment and economic affordability, the highest level of combination is the combination of sound quality that meets personal preferences according to actual conditions.

How to match a set of portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment that suits your sense of hearing? First of all, you must clarify your listening intentions, determine which type of sound you prefer, whether it is soft, sweet and beautiful, or strong and vivid. At the same time, you must also clarify where the audio system is usually placed. -The type of music, whether it is popular songs, light music, jazz or classical symphonic music. Only in this way can the choice be targeted and a sound system that can meet your own requirements can be built.

portable Bluetooth speakers

The second is to consider the impact of the listening environment. The environment has a considerable influence on portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment, and this aspect must be considered when selecting equipment. For example, the size of the listening room determines the size of the portable Bluetooth speakers, and the reflection of the walls of the listening room also plays a great role in the tone. The listening environment The improvement of the sound effect and the smooth collocation of equipment will have a multiplier effect.

The third point is that the purchase and matching of portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment should be based on a certain understanding of the characteristics of the equipment (including the price level, technical characteristics, sound characteristics, manufacturer, media and experienced fans' evaluation, etc.). It shouldn’t be based on rumors or on the ads of Wang Po selling melons. If this is not possible, the choice will inevitably be blind or even misguided to buy the wrong equipment.

The fourth point is to clarify the expenditure to narrow the scope of choice, so as to find suitable equipment quickly within one's ability to pay.

The fifth point is that you should purchase in the audition, which includes both a single piece of equipment and a complete set of equipment. When auditioning a single piece of equipment, you should choose a better quality equipment group for reference. If you want to audition and purchase an amplifier, you can use the same software. After listening to the reference combination, you can replace it with the amplifier you want to buy for the audition. Compare the two amplifiers to understand their respective characteristics and pick the one that satisfies you the most. You should use the same method to listen to other equipment, and then combine the equipment you are initially satisfied with. If you are not satisfied with the overall sound effect at the time, you can replace one of the equipment until the overall sound effect is satisfied. In fact, the process of equipment audition is The process of equipment matching.

The sixth point is adjustment. After the portable Bluetooth speakers audio equipment is bought, the sound may be different from what you hear in the audio store. At this time, you should first determine whether it is the cause of the equipment or the environment, and gradually solve the problem through adjustment, so that the potential of the equipment can be fully realized. The adjustment of equipment includes positioning, improvement of listening environment, and replacement of various wires. The first two have a considerable impact on the sound. Improper sound effects will deteriorate. They should be corrected and improved in time to obtain good sound effects. In order to correctly identify whether your choice is correct.