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The reason earache sound proof headphones produce

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-26 18:44:56
  The reason
   When this symptom is normal!
   People sound proof headphones After the external ear openings are sound proof headphones plugged tightly, almost in a closed state. Audio sound pressure high volume directly into the ear, concentrate delivered to the thin eardrum, with no cushion, the auditory nerve is stimulated too excited very likely to cause listening fatigue. So there has been a long time after wearing a sound proof headphones earache symptoms!
 sound proof headphones will cause hearing impairment, the current medical research is controversial because of the length of time for everyone to wear and volume are inconsistent, unable to make effective judgments observed sound proof headphones. But one thing is worthy of recognition: if prolonged wear headphones to listen to music but did not pay attention to the ears and maintenance, will affect the hearing. It compared with loud speakers sound proof headphones, vibrating piece sound proof headphones closer eardrum, although are more pleasure, more direct damage to the ear. Although almost all headphones designed especially some people have adopted an "open" headphones to minimize hearing damage, but long-term use can still cause damage, may cause poor circulation, tinnitus, inner ear hair cells or auditory nerve damage and necrosis, will open a large volume of the music, would like to offset outside noise sound proof headphones, which is worse in practice.
sound proof headphones
Watch out
   With recurrent ear sound proof headphones are damaged will, in general, use headphones to note the following principles:
   1. Do not wear headphones for a long time
   2. Do not open too much volume, if a meter outside the person you talk to can not hear clearly in relation to reducing the volume of the headset.
   3. Select the sound proof headphones comfortable to wear.
   4. To select a good quality headset, small noise, the volume can be regulated.
   5. Do not listen with headphones for a long time something every half hour for the ears a rest, the longest no more than three hours a day, the better.
   6. Do not listen when sleeping. Due to the impact of sleep position, pillow pressure on the ear, causing physical damage to the eardrum.
   7. The best use of sound proof headphones, because this sound proof headphones on the ear damage than smaller embedded headphones.
In addition, closer than earbud headphones ear sound proof headphones eardrum, more direct stimulation of the eardrum, the impact on the ears there may be larger.

sound proof headphones