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Computer loudest portable speakers have current sound is the reason? How to solve

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-26 15:57:34
   Today there is a friend of mine asked me about him loudest portable speakers Recently there has been a sudden noise, is the current sound, do not open any music has, the greater the volume, noise is also large, had previously been good, suddenly it is so, is it a bad loudest portable speakers, the speaker has a current sound how to do a variety of situations will result in the speaker with noise, such as the loudest portable speakersis disturbed, the interface cable is bad or poor quality of the speakers themselves, and so on.
   Generally, loudest portable speakers Mostly active speakers, which certainly exist inside the amplifier, so the inevitable noise, active speakers noise sources can be divided according to electromagnetic interference, mechanical noise and thermal noise.
loudest portable speakers problems lead:
    An electromagnetic interference
    EMI also can be divided into the power transformer interference and stray electromagnetic interference.
    1, the power transformer interference
    As the power of magnetic flux leakage caused multimedia speakers, under conditions permitting the installation of the transformer shield effect is very obvious, you can maximize the magnetic flux leakage barrier, shield only with iron type material. We should try to choose the big brands, solid materials products, in addition, the use of an external transformer is also a good solution.
    2, stray electromagnetic interference
    More common, speaker wire, crossovers, wireless devices or host computer will become a source of interference. The main loudest portable speakers will be allowed under conditions far away from the host computer, and reduce surrounding wireless devices.
loudest portable speakers
    Second, the mechanical noise
    Mechanical noise is unique to the active loudest portable speakers. Power transformers in operation, alternating magnetic field caused by the shock will produce mechanical noise core, which is very similar to the hum of fluorescent ballasts issued. Choose a good quality of the product is still the best way to prevent this kind of noise. In addition, we can install the rubber damping layer between the transformer and the fixed plate.
    Third, the thermal noise
    If the potential use of a longer time, will be due to the accumulation of dust and wear problems of poor contact between the metal brush and diaphragm, will produce noise when rotating loudest portable speakers. If the speaker does not tighten the screws, inverting the tube is not in place, large dynamic when playing music, will produce mechanical noise loudest portable speakers.
This thermal noise can be treated by replacing the low-noise components or reduce the workload element method, in addition, to reduce the operating temperature is also one of the effective methods.
    In addition, some computer loudest portable speakers, when the volume too large, there will be noise. This happens because the output power of the amplifier may be small, can not avoid large dynamic musical moments peak signal caused either because the situation can cause a variety of speakers with noise, such as speakers disturbed interface cable or poor contact, loudest portable speakers itself is of poor quality and so on.

loudest portable speakers