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Self? Photo? For ring light with tripod lever easily solve all the problems!

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-19 16:46:35
   Ring light with tripod This small but has a deep doorway. What took less important, what angle to shoot is what determines your distance from photographs is an important factor scared to Heaven or become tragedies,ring light with tripod, How can you produce the perfect distance between the phone and the United States and the United States to shoot photos,ring light with tripod, but also to make a seemingly casual self-timer?
   Today to introduce a new partner ring light with tripod, Retractable self-timer lever up to 97cm with a rotatable head with the strength to tell you, ring light with tripod,360 degree rotation, stretching freely adjust the distance,ring light with tripod, convenient Bluetooth button, easy to carry, no dead 360-degree self-timer, it is willing to your beauty Everything went seemingly impossible to corner,ring light with tripod.

How to use: ring light with tripod Just insert the suction ring into the back of the phone, and then put the ring out to place the phone. For the second type, you can directly open the phone holder to 45 degrees and put the phone on it. The mobile phone holder made of silicone material can be used for daily TV/movie watching. The middle is a flexible steel sheet, which can be folded and unfolded many times without affecting the appearance and feel.

ring light with tripod
ring light with tripod