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Record every step pedometer new smartwatch daily electronic Bluetooth

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-19 16:56:21
    We work every day to be walking, climbing stairs or even will face problems every day, but you know how many steps you take every day? Which consumed many calories it? Let new smartwatch To help you with it. new smartwatchshape design, can be caught in any part of the body, compact and lightweight. Easily record daily walking, running, climbing stairs, etc. calories consumed and associated data. Make you more aware of their daily life data,new smartwatch.
    By new smartwatch, The connection can be paired with a smart phone that supports iOS and Android system, download the APP software,new smartwatch, real-time query walking and jogging a few steps, and climbing stairs layers, in addition can also query the value associated with the consumption of calories. With these data,new smartwatch,we can learn more about the daily life of their own,new smartwatch.

new smartwatch