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China power bank factory:Promote the rule of law spirit, build a great dream

Jason Jaskey Limited 2013-12-04 10:29:33

China power bank factory:Promote the rule of law spirit, build a great dream

     Learn more publicity and xi general secretary about promoting the party's 18 important discourse of the spirit of the rule of law.
    On comprehensively advancing the rule of law publicity of the party's eighteen big strategy, vigorously promote xi general secretary in the capital from all walks of life to commemorate the current constitution published the important speech of the 30th anniversary of the convention, the fourth of the political bureau of the central collective learning important speech, publicity and basic strategy for promoting the rule of law, adhere to the rule of law, ruling according to law, promote administration according to law, adhere to the country under the rule of law and the rule of law government, rule of law society construction.

    Concentrating on the constitution publicity.In-depth publicity national basic system and basic task, the core of leadership of the country and the guiding ideology, character and the basic content, such as publicity the basic principle and spirit, formed in the whole society advocating constitution, abide by the constitution, maintain constitutional authority of the good atmosphere.

     The publicity of the legal system of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Publicity of the legal system of socialism with Chinese characteristics the basic composition, basic characteristics and the main content, promote national basic laws, vigorously carry forward the spirit of rule of law, firmly establish the socialist concept of rule of law, promote the whole society research method and method of law-abiding usage.

    The publicity and ensuring and improving people's livelihood is closely related to the laws and regulations.Key learning promote labor employment, income distribution, social security, health care, social security, public safety and other relevant laws and regulations, safeguard social fairness and justice, expressed interest in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, guide citizens to exercise their rights in accordance with the constitution and laws, to perform its obligations, the disputes may be resolved through legal channels, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests, promote social harmony.