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Can a portable Bluetooth speaker be connected with a mic?

Hedy 2020-09-15 09:33:15

Portable Bluetooth speakerwith microphone NSP-0198

Bass Enhanced Technology delivers a premium deep and rich sound in a portable size package. Connect wirelessly smartphone, iPad and other Bluetooth enabled devices while enjoying high definition quality sound with 10 hours of continuous playtime and built-in microphone.

portable Bluetooth speaker

Thisportable Bluetooth speakersupports USB/TF/LED/Bluetooth/Wireless microphone, Bluetooth version is V5.0, crisp clean sound with portable Bluetooth speaker cavity to fill any room with rich audio.

portable Bluetooth speaker

Universal compatibility with Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, smartphones, and other portable Bluetooth speakers. Perfect for Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen, Basement, Patio, Boat, Car, RV, Home Entertainment Center, Parties, and Outdoor Use.

portable Bluetooth speaker