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Why are the prices of bluetooth 5.0 headphones so different?

2020-09-15 12:21:32

With the popularity of audio-visual entertainment products, bluetooth 5.0 headphones have become a necessity in people's daily lives. Using bluetooth 5.0 headphones to listen to music and watch videos can not only bring us a more comfortable experience, but also avoid disturbing people around us.

And the price of bluetooth 5.0 headphones ranges from more than ten dollars to several hundred dollars. Many users will inevitably have this question when buying: Why is the price difference of bluetooth 5.0 headphones so big? What is the main difference? Today I will talk about it.

1. The difference in sound quality

There are many factors that affect your purchase of a bluetooth 5.0 headphone, but the sound quality is generally the most concerned point. The advantage of many thousand yuan headphones is that they have better resolution.

Resolving power, in simple terms, is that the headset has a strong ability to restore the details of music, and we sound very layered. High-resolution bluetooth 5.0 headphonescan even clearly hear the singer’s breathing and the sound of lips and teeth touching.

bluetooth 5.0 headphones

2. The difference in design and material

Sophistication, simplicity, atmosphere and stylish appearance are a plus point for headphones. The appearance is justice, and only a good-looking appearance can reflect the uniqueness of an enthusiast.

In terms of design, you will find that good bluetooth 5.0 headphones are better than some small details, and they are ergonomically worn to give users the most comfortable experience.

In addition, a good bluetooth 5.0 headphone is unambiguous in terms of materials, from the finest internal components to the outer shell earmuffs, etc. are the most solid materials.

3. Special features

Many more expensive bluetooth 5.0 headphones will add added value on the basis of conventional functions to make the headset better. For example, intelligent noise reduction processor, rotating foldable headphone structure, special material use, biometric identification and so on.

4. Brand premium

There are different brand premiums for things with the same value attribute and different brands. Of course, price is not the only factor that determines the quality of a pair of headphones. The most important thing when shopping is to find the bluetooth 5.0 headphones that suit you. The best for you is the best.

Friends, what do you pay attention to when buying bluetooth 5.0 headphones? Welcome to chat in the comment section.

bluetooth 5.0 headphones