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noise cancelling headphones for iphone development articles

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-13 18:50:15

  Because from his too close, they were ignored, the noise cancelling headphones for iphone is one such product. The reality of life, can be seen everywhere noise cancelling headphones for iphone figure, at home, outdoors, a variety of English listening test, etc., are ultimately headphones. Headset from invention to today, along with the advancement of technology people are constantly developing.

  Over time, the noise cancelling headphones for iphone products from the earliest two small speaker in your ear has matured. Whether or types of headset wearing styles, even to the core pronunciation unit, there are a lot of changes.

  Wearing styles

The earliest headset is hanging in the ear on the edge of the two pronunciation unit, has developed a number of species, in general there are headphones, ear plugs, ear hook and the newly developed bone conduction headphones. Headset is the first headset type.

Earbud headphones is a revolutionary breakthrough in the development of smaller size makes very convenient to use outside. Due to urban development, environmental noise increases,noise cancelling headphones for iphone Is a breakthrough earplugs product more suitable for outdoor use.

Earhook can be regarded as an intermediate product headset with earphones, ear hook features a headset with ear plugs in and the advantages and disadvantages, are not very clear characteristics of a class of products, but To wear, the ear hook is very beautiful. Bone conduction headset is a relatively new technology, the use of vibration theory, the sound through the skull directly transmitted to the listening center. However, this product is not yet universal, can bring to the headset A revolutionary breakthrough, now look unclear.

  Abundant type

Due to the different uses of the headset, the type of headphones is gradually enriched. Types of headphones can be roughly divided into open, closed and semi-open.

Open headphones to listen to the general sense of the natural, comfortable to wear noise cancelling headphones for iphone, There is no comfort here that hot feeling, common in home appreciation HIFI headphones. Sound can leak out, and vice versa can also hear outside sounds, headphones inoffensive small.

Semi-open noise cancelling headphones for iphone are no strict rules, the sound can only enter or out without, according to the need to use and make adjustments to the design.

Closed ear headphones with a fully enclosed structure, which prevents outside sounds into the larger inoffensive, clear and accurate sound positioning, professional monitoring use more areas of the structure. There are some closed headphones with open noise cancelling headphones for iphone sound field in the isolated noise while still maintaining a high quality sound, such as: Denon D7100, D7000 and so on.

Headphone current development, the most important dynamic pronunciation pronunciation unit or units. Dynamic headphones technology development after so many years, has been very mature, but in the sound upgrade also encountered a bottleneck. In addition to electrostatic headphones, moving coil pronunciation unit also has a lot of derivative technology, which is now the most widely used is an iron pronunciation unit.

Pronunciation is the use of iron unit for generating an alternating magnetic field of the electromagnet, the vibration part is a piece of iron suspended in front of the electromagnet, when the signal through the electromagnet causes the solenoid Magnetic field changes, so that the iron vibration sound. The advantage of long life and high efficiency. The disadvantage is that a large distortion, narrow frequency response. Commonly used in early telephone handset. This technique is now mainly used for ear above, due to pronounce iron Unit with respect to the moving coil pronunciation unit to be a lot smaller, a lot of high-end ear integrates two or even three moving iron pronunciation unit, each band's sound performance are very good.

Today is the world's first headphones Sennheiser Orpheus headphones, headset does not use moving coil pronunciation unit, but the use of static pronunciation unit. Static pronunciation unit relative to the moving coil pronunciation unit who has a natural advantage.

Diaphragm suspension fixed by the two Electrostatic field plate (stator) to form the electrostatic Headset amplifier must use a special audio signal is converted to a voltage signal of hundreds of volts,

Although there are many benefits of electrostatic headphones, but this pronunciation cell technology in the hands of just a handful of manufacturers, electrostatic headphones are the basic price of the market in the million or more. It is worth mentioning that our headphone enthusiasts, WINNY own developed China's first set of electrostatic headphones, became a landmark in the history of the development of Chinese headset noise cancelling headphones for iphone.

Towards the development of wireless headphones and noise reduction to show the development. More freedom to use a wireless headset, with the development of technology, wireless transmission technology matures, ensuring the quality of wireless headphones. Another reason is the birth of the popularity of mobile music capabilities and Bluetooth wireless technology, Bluetooth wireless headset is rapidly developing.

With the city's noise pollution is getting worse, in ear headphones for outdoor use, only overshadowed by the noise to increase the volume, so that not only can not enjoy the wonderful music, but also have a great impact on their hearing. Appeared noise canceling headphones, a good solution to this problem.

Active noise reduction headphones, have a noise filter, noise reduction using Mike gathering outside sounds, and issued to offset the opposite sound waves play the role of noise. There is a growing health care for themselves in today, noise reduction headphones can better enjoy outdoor music, but also to ensure the health of the ear, is the future direction of the headset. Active noise canceling headphones already headset designed specifically for travelers with wireless, noise reduction and high-quality features, with aptX Bluetooth 3.0, provides up to 10 hours of music listening.

Science and technology can only rely on radio signals to transmit information and convenient, so cell phone radiation is inevitable. Mobile is a strong source of radiation, especially the amazing power of the mobile phone is turned on instantly, long-term people frequently receive calls even sudden death. Because of the intensity of radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, so keep a distance to prevent the application of mobile phone radiation were most effective. The basic principles of radiation protection headset also pull from the adult brain and mobile phones, contrary to this principle can not really play a role in radiation protection.

For mobile phones on the market today can be said that there are two kinds of radiation headphones, including Bluetooth headsets and air conduction headphones, the more effective the air conduction headphones. Developed by Chinese scientists to obtain air conduction headphones International Bureau of WIPO (PCT) patents (patent International Application No.: PCT / CN2009 / 000660, International Publication No.: WO 2010 / 043097A1). This is the first time the International Bureau of WIPO patent granted to mobile phone radiation headset products, proven air conduction headphones outstanding advantages in terms of mobile phone radiation.


Beyerdynamic headphones is the oldest company, first founded in 1924, beyerdynamic headphones are model numbers before dubbed DT, What does it mean? The original, DT is Dynamic Telephone, namely "power phone" acronym. DT48 has just invented a time, "headset" (headphone) the word does not exist, Mr. Baia his own invention called the "power phone", DT has been followed in this letter combinations down.

In 1924, there was a German scientist Jurgen Bayer (Eugen Beyer), in Berlin opened an electronics company that specializes in "electric transducer" (dynamic transducers) research and development, and related technology for use on a dedicated theater speakers and other similar equipment. At the time, the young Bayer has always had a dream, that is how authentic music to people's ears? So he developed a small speaker, and they fixed shelves in curved hoops, so was born the world's first headphones only.

People had thought that the headset is a monster

August 18, 1937, Bayer invite friends to Berlin fever room opera "Aida" ("Aida"). But a friend came to the fever room, but I saw the player, but no trace of amplifiers and speakers. In the player side, quietly lay a curved metal monster, a monster at both ends of each one ear. Of course, you and I both know that is a headset. But then the people, this is simply UFO. Moreover, it will sing miles.

In this historic day, people witnessed the birth of Beyerdynamic DT48 headphones, and created a world record, shocked the world!

More would be surprising is that the band width of the DT48 headset has reached 16Hz to 20kHz impressive specifications. The technical conditions of the last century 30's, this indicator is simply inconceivable. DT48 headphones then called Berlin (Berlin) card, due to its amazing and analysis of the frequency response, the German intelligence service and the Gestapo even use it to detect other headphones simply can not distinguish voices, get a lot of valuable information.

1950, Beyerdynamic introduced the world's first stereo headset --DT48S, a sensation in the world again, ahead of the pack.

Even more interesting is that, today 60 years later, Beyerdynamic DT48 series headphones still produced, but switch to the more advanced material only. This can be regarded as the oldest worldwide sales noise cancelling headphones for iphone.

noise cancelling headphones for iphone