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What is the megaphone outdoor battery speakers?

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-13 18:24:46

  Megaphone to amplify the sound by definition is spread farther mean, relatively speaking megaphone outdoor battery speakers sounds more penetrating.  
  According to use: can be divided into Wired microphone outdoor battery speakers And Wireless microphone outdoor battery speakers;
  According to the intended use: can be divided into teaching class loudspeakers, guides the class outdoor battery speakers , Entertainment megaphone outdoor battery speakers.

  Loudspeaker according to its size, the use of methods and uses can be divided into several types, each with its use advantage.Portable loudspeakersDue to the shape and size, speaker constraints, general power are only 3--8W. The wireless microphone and a wired microphone is the volume of the different sizes, different purposes, smaller fit teachers, tour guides used to hang at the waist, so your hands to play more freely, its power is generally also 3W-8W . Bulky suitable for outdoor activities, summer camps, extracurricular lectures and other high traffic areas, the power in the 35W --- 95W. Lithium outdoor battery speakers loudspeakers are based on the use of Battery Type made in one category. It solves the traditional dry Battery Environmental pollution problem, it is mainly the use of mobile phone technology for lithium-powered outdoor battery speakers loudspeakers.

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