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Data indicates that in December may surprise money 2.4933 trillion yuan

  • Author:Jason
  • Source:Jaskey Limited
  • Release Date:2013-12-12

    Ministry of Finance yesterday announced the "November 2013 revenue and expenditure", the data indicates that December might surprise money 2.4933 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of the annual expenditures are expected to exceed last year. For comparison, in December 2012 the national public expenditure only 2.0816 trillion yuan, a substantial increase in the number of assault may herald the end of the scene will spend reproduction.
Data released by the Ministry of Finance show that from January to November this year, the national public finances cumulative expenditures 11.4697 trillion yuan, an increase of 980.2 billion yuan more than last year, an increase of 9.3%. Among them, the central government spending and 1.7746 trillion yuan, an increase of 4.7%; local fiscal expenditure 9.6951 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.2%.
According to the Ministry of Finance made this year "on the 2012 central and local budgets and performance reports 2013 draft central and local budgets", in 2013 the national fiscal expenditure is expected to total 13.963 trillion yuan. This calculation, the country in December this year will likely surprise money 2.4933 trillion yuan, accounting for 17.86% of the total expenditure of the year.
Reporters found that access to the information released by the Ministry of Finance, 2012, 11 months of national expenditures 10.4896 trillion yuan, when the annual national public expenditure 12.5712 trillion yuan, the December 2012 national public expenditure 2.0816 trillion yuan, accounting for the full year 16.56% of the total expenditure.
From December last year, the national public expenditure 2.0816 trillion yuan, the national public finances in December this year may surprise money 2.4933 trillion yuan, an absolute amount of monthly expenses may increase 411.7 billion yuan. Then compared to the previous year, 11 months nationwide average monthly expenditure of public finances is only 1.0427 trillion yuan, Dec. expenditure may be about 2.39 times the average month before, since the authorities for some time been in the effort to control spending late assault issues.
    Experts say
Assistant Dean, Professor Central University of Finance Tax Cao star reporter's interview, speaking from a legal perspective, as long as the money is budgeted to spend, there is no problem. But he also stressed that the authorities should still try to put an end to the budget too extensive, detailed budgeting, improve the scientific and predictability of budget management.
Cao star believes there to spend money at the end highlight certain rationality, killing them is not a stick. Since some budget items and project execution in some uncontrollable and unpredictable, and sometimes does not exist in the first half because of slow progress in time to start or even a temporary increase in the budget and other factors affecting the progress of budget expenditures. If completely rigid budget expenditures at the beginning of each month on a fixed set expenditure targets, also has its irrationality, and sometimes would socioeconomic
Have some negative impact on economic development.
But Cao star also stressed that the most important thing to spend money with assault extensive budgeting and implementation related. While determining the monthly budget spending hard targets difficult, but the authorities may consider half-yearly or quarterly intervals to determine the approximate value of the index or to speed up the progress of the budget reasonable expenses, so that the budget expenditure more efficient, allowing funds to spend more reasonable Use process more rigorous and standardized.
In addition, the authorities must conduct a serious investigation in order to keep next year without reducing the size of the budget, and in the end unnecessary, ineffective squandering budget funds.
Beijing Times (Reporter Zhao) Ministry of Finance announced yesterday in circumstances indicate that the national public revenue, Nov. national fiscal revenue 912.5 billion yuan, an increase of 125.4 billion yuan over the same month last year, an increase of 15.9%.
From January to November, the accumulated national fiscal revenue 11.965 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.0747 trillion yuan more than last year, an increase of 9.9%, up 0.5 percentage points higher than the cumulative increase in January-October, but down 2 percentage points over the same period last year.
Ministry of Finance revealed that in recent months, the central fiscal revenue growth was gradually picking up, mainly due to the gradual recovery of the economy, trade situation improved and disposable income to the treasury and other special factors affecting the increase; local fiscal revenue growth is relatively stable, the cumulative increase higher than the central, mainly driven by increased volume of real estate related local tax increases.
January-November the central fiscal revenue totaled import taxes increase by a cumulative decline of influence is still below the budget target (7%) 0.5 percentage points.