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mini bluetooth headphones is based on their type of drive and wear fashion

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-24

mini bluetooth headphones Is in accordance with its drive (transducer) type and its wear way classification.


Dynamic mini bluetooth headphones Is the most common, the most common headset, its drive unit is essentially a small moving coil loudspeaker, diaphragm vibration by the permanent magnetic field in the drive coil associated therewith. Dynamic mini bluetooth headphones more efficient, mostly for stereo headphone output on the drive, mini bluetooth headphones and reliable and durable. Generally the diameter of the drive unit, the more excellent performance of the mini bluetooth headphones, the maximum diameter of the drive unit is currently in the consumer headphone for 50mm, typically flagship mini bluetooth headphones.

Such as magnetic

Such as magnetic drive mini bluetooth headphones similar narrow flat speaker voice coil will be embedded thin diaphragm plane, the same as the printed circuit board can be the driving force evenly distributed. Magnets concentrated in one or both sides of the diaphragm (push-pull), diaphragm vibrating in a magnetic field which formed. Such as magnet no electrostatic headphones headphone diaphragm diaphragm as light, but there is also a large vibration area and similar sound quality, it is better to Dynamic headphones high efficiency, easy to drive mini bluetooth headphones.


mini bluetooth headphones There are light and thin diaphragm, polarization, polarization transforming electric power required by the alternating current from the high DC voltage, there are battery-powered. Diaphragm suspended in the electrostatic field by two stationary metal plate (stator) is formed, the electrostatic headphones must use a special amplifier audio signal into a voltage signal of several hundred volts, the driving, the sound pressure level can reach no Dynamic headphones big, but it's reaction speed, can play all kinds of tiny details, low distortion mini bluetooth headphones.


mini bluetooth headphones also called fixed electrostatic headphones, it's the diaphragm itself is polarized or polarized by the diaphragm external electrostatic field emission polarization substance, does not require specialized equipment to provide polarization voltage. Electret headphones have most of the characteristics of electrostatic headphones, but will gradually depolarized electret need to be replaced, its life of about 5-10 years.

Wireless Cordless

They consist of two parts, with the signal transmitter and signal receiver and the headset amplifier means (usually a moving coil). The transmitter and the signal source is connected, you can access pre-amplifier or headphones in front of the transmitter to improve sound quality and adjust the sound.

Generally refers to a wireless headset infrared transmission of the headphone system, a cordless headset is the use of radio wave transmission signal headset system. Infrared Headphone operating frequency from a few KHz to a few MHz, the effective distance of about 10 meters, to be in the visible range of headphones; radio headset working frequency VHF 130MHz-200 MHz, UHF 450 MHz -900MHz, most cordless headphones work in UHF can be transmitted up to 100 meters range, you can bypass the obstacles. Two deputy or vice wireless / cordless headset may interfere with each other, so they are the best choice when selecting a plurality of operating frequencies of the species, for cordless headset, working on UHF than VHF interference is likely to be small. Both headphones have background noise, more high-end models have adopted noise reduction technology. Also note that the wireless / cordless headset battery life, usually not less than eight hours.

Today more advanced wireless headset uses Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX transmission technology, provides advanced, CD-like quality audio via Bluetooth.
mini bluetooth headphones