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How to properly charge it to the lightweight bluetooth headphones

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-22 10:30:50
   See this title, maybe someone wants to charge the lightweight bluetooth headphones is not enough simple? Directly to plug in, turn on the power supply can be friends

  Says really very simple, but there are still a lot of lightweight bluetooth headphones Bluetooth headset users how to charge the case do not understand, or careless, then various degrees of damage on the Bluetooth headset. Here to tell you the correct method for charging a lightweight bluetooth headphones it:

  First, it must choose the appropriate charger. Because the general lightweight bluetooth headphones has a dedicated charger, if there is no dedicated charger, you can directly find the charging port (some small mouth round holes, some MiniUSB General Purpose Interface) the same, and the rated output power is the same charger lightweight bluetooth headphones.

  Secondly, the general lightweight bluetooth headphones The charging time are kept within two hours just fine, because the charging time is too long will cause the machine directly to the board of aging and even burn, there will be a variety of inexplicable machine failures, such as standby time is shortened, often off line, shortening distance calls, can not boot and other issues. So, for your lightweight bluetooth headphones sake, please give them a proper charging time is like.

  Then, when the charge should insert the plug all, do not insert only one half, so that long-term use can cause damage to the lightweight bluetooth headphones. Of course, in charge pulling the plug, the action not so big, so rude, to be gentle, or otherwise so long to pull the plug, the plug will cause loose.

  Then, when lightweight bluetooth headphones When connecting the power supply, start charging, the red indicator light on the long-Y Bluetooth headset lit, is being charged. Future, if charged, the indicator will turn blue, then you can remove the charger.

  Also, when you want to recharge the lightweight bluetooth headphones, make sure to add after the previous power are exhausted.

  In addition, if the lightweight bluetooth headphones plugged into the base or charging case charging, and charging directly comparable to Bluetooth headsets, so after the completion of the rechargeable battery will be more durable in time. In addition, the charging method and charging directly to a Bluetooth headset, like the charging cable inserted to align the base of the hole, and then turn on the power to the normal charge.

  Finally, the lightweight bluetooth headphones charger after charging is completed, remember to unplug from the power strip, plug in the power supply if prolonged, will direct and serious impact on the life of the charger.

  Tips finally come to it: at a lightweight bluetooth headphones while charging, we must remember not to use headphones, so as not to cause a variety of accidents.
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