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The origin of sound, what are the main speaker equipment

Krystal 2020-10-19 18:51:25

In the normal propagation process of sound waves, only the sound wave vibration state is simply spread out, and the position of the air particles remains unchanged, but the vibration near its original equilibrium position, instead of converting the sound wave's displacement in the forward direction.

Frequency of sound wave (f): Due to the movement of the object, the demand and pressure of the base point in the air change, the number of times the air age and pressure change per second, that is, the air pressure changes from maximum to maximum per second, or by The minimum change to the minimum is called the frequency of the sound wave, and the unit of force is Hz (hertz effect).

Sound wave cycle (T): The time required for a sound wave to complete a rescue action (air pressure changes from maximum to maximum, or from minimum to minimum) is called cycle, and the unit is usually s (seconds). Period and frequency are the reciprocal of each other.

Wavelength of sound waves (λ): The distance that sound waves travel periodically in a period is called wavelength, and the unit is usually m (meter).

The propagation speed of sound waves (C): The distance that sound waves travel per second is called the propagation speed of sound waves, abbreviated as sound speed, and the unit is m/s (meters per second).

The bluetooth stereo speaker has a good sound effect, but the installation of the bluetooth stereo speakers is cumbersome and the equipment is numerous. It is neither suitable for carrying or playing at any time, and usually does not carry an electric energy storage function.

The bluetooth stereo speakers mainly has the following points:

One, RCA terminal

RCA is an acronym for Radio Corporation of America, because the RCA connector was invented by the company. RCA socket is commonly called lotus socket, also called AV terminal, also called AV interface. Almost all TVs and DVD players have this interface.

It is not specifically designed for which kind of interface, it can be used for audio, but also for ordinary video signals, and it is also a socket for DVD component (YCrCb). The RCA interface is usually a pair of white audio interface and yellow video interface. You only need to connect the standard AV cable with lotus plug to the corresponding interface.

bluetooth stereo speaker

Second, AV function

AV power amplifier is suitable for cooperating with the image source to produce the effect of audio-visual integration. It is designed specifically for home theater use with the main design purpose of creating a live sound field. Through its internal delay, reverberation processing circuit to control the delay time between each channel during playback, by adjusting the length of the delay time to simulate the sound field in various listening environments, such as halls, stadiums, churches, displacement Wait. Bluetooth stereo speakers channel isolation, delay time range, various sound field modes and other indicators. The audio channel of the AV power amplifier is as small as four channels and up to nine channels. At present, the AV power amplifiers on the market and combined with the needs of home playback, mostly have five or seven channels.

Three, Blu-ray DVD

Blu-ray (Blu-ray) or Blu-ray Disc (BD for short) uses a wavelength-aligned (405nm) blue laser to read and write data, hence the name. The traditional DVD (DVD is not easy to carry) requires a red laser light (wavelength of 650nm) to read or write data. Generally speaking, the shorter the wavelength of the laser, the more information can be recorded or read per unit area. Therefore, Blu-ray has greatly increased the storage capacity of optical discs. For optical storage products, Blu-ray provides an opportunity for leap-forward development.

So far, Blu-ray is the most advanced high-capacity optical disc format. BD laser technology can store 25GB of document files on a single disc, which is 5 times that of the existing (single disc) DVD. In terms of speed, Blu-ray allows 1~2 times or 4.5~9MB/s recording speed

Therefore, custom Bluetooth speakers, bluetooth stereo speakers, and multi-function bluetooth speakers are gradually expanding the market. The needs of the public are the main factor in product production and development. Now Sawolol can customize logo styles and functions for the bluetooth stereo speakers you want in many ways , Make your most satisfactory design, high quality and low price free design, and better service for you.