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dancing unicorn speaker  classification and characteristics

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-10-24 16:51:58
   Divided dancing unicorn speaker Versus dancing unicorn speaker  Two categories. Home speakers are generally used for home playback, which is characterized by soft and delicate to put sound quality, appearance is more delicate, beautiful, put the sound pressure level is not too high, relatively little power to bear. Notebook sound professional dancing unicorn speaker  is generally used for dance halls, karaoke OK, theaters, halls and stadiums, and other professional entertainment venues.
   Generally higher professional dancing unicorn speaker   sensitivity, playback sound pressure is high, dancing unicorn speaker   the intensity is good, and sustain power, compared with home speakers, the sound quality is more rigid and not very refined appearance. But in professional speakers in monitor speakers, its performance and the speaker closer to home, the outlook is generally also more refined, compact, so this type of monitor dancing unicorn speaker   are often home HI-FI sound system used.
dancing unicorn speaker