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How safe use of dancing mini cube speaker audio equipment

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-10-24
(1): Note the use of the machine's environment:
     1 Avoid using the machine in the dust, and vibration environments.
     2. around the machine should allow sufficient clearance to facilitate cooling of the machine.
     3 For the PA, should pay special attention to maintain the smooth flow of cooling channels.
(2): the machine using the attention points:
     1.dancing mini cube speaker System, should pay attention to boot, shutdown sequence. When turned on, the front should be open source and other equipment,dancing mini cube speaker and then open the power amplifier; shutdown, should be first off the amplifier, then close the front audio and other equipment. If the volume knob audio equipment dancing mini cube speaker, power, before shutting down, it is best to turn the volume knob to the minimum place. The aim is to reduce the power, the impact on the speaker at shutdown.
     2 Do not charged to pull out, plug the signal plug. The resulting impact to avoid damage to the machine or dancing mini cube speaker.
     3 If the machine work process sounds unusual, immediately turn off the power, stop using it. And invites experienced and qualified service personnel. Do not open the machine yourself, so as not to suffer greater damage to the machine or cause an electric shock.
(3): Note the machine maintenance:
     1. Do not use volatile solvents to clean the machine, such as gasoline, alcohol, etc. to clean the machine surface, wipe the dust with a soft cloth. But first disconnect the power when cleaning the machine casing.
     2. Machines generally are not waterproof, if wet with water, use a dry cloth to dry water-soaked, until the moisture dry, in order to start work.
     3. Do not place heavy objects on the machine, so the machine deformation.
(4): the safe use of the machine:
     1. Refrain from wet hands to pull out, plug the power cord to avoid electric shock.
     2. When unused for long periods, remove the power plug from the power outlet.
     3. Do not let the iron needles, hairpins, coins and other metal conductive material fall into the machine, in order to avoid damage to the machine.
     4. When replacing the fuse machine, dancing mini cube speaker should be strictly required to be replaced, prohibited the use of undesirable alternatives.
     5. When using the machine should chassis ground safety ground.
     6. Do not work under the machine overload or short circuit conditions.
     7. General back in the civilian power amplifier has an auxiliary power outlet, do not connect the hair dryer, iron and other appliances through it, it can only be used to connect audio equipment.
     8. In constant pressure power amplifier, its output will have a higher output voltage, and an output terminal leads are generally longer, therefore, in use, make sure the output lead safe, and reliable.
(5): to protect dancing mini cube speaker the power cord:
     1. To avoid the dancing mini cube speaker power cord from being walked on, being squeezed heavy.
     2. Never pull, twist the power cord plug and strong.
     3. Pull the plug from the socket when should grasp the plug and pull it out.
In short, modern sound equipment belonging to high-tech products, be sure to carefully maintenance, safe use, proper operation. For beauty dancing mini cube speaker, but to avoid accidental loss.

dancing mini cube speaker