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Dancing Speaker Jaskey Limited 2015 Annual Meeting

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2015-02-06

Flies years, playing the command room. To meet the annual meeting birthday,Dancing Speaker Shenzhen Jaskey Limited31 号 (星期六) held its annual meeting activities, behind the wheel of time has left us another glorious seasons mark, plot Warren zeal to summer sun and share this beautiful and special moment, for the company to offer the most sincere blessing.

  9:30 am,Dancing Speaker Jaskey Limited Office staff gathered, the Autonomy founder Jake delivered a speech on the past year and down Jake's all hard work affirmed and gratitude, but also hope that in the future, be able to plot the way Warren insisted, before practical lines, co-write a new chapter. Yang passion in his speech, Jake annual meeting officially kicked off.

   Subsequently, in the company's kitchen, we have done their best to come up with their own unique skills, each made a delicious dish of mouth, artisans from all over the world, converging to a meal at the table from north to south, looking at all incense, Mimi, Meme da Dancing Speaker .

  Then, the test of the time to unite, two o'clock in the afternoon, employees organize riddles and play table tennis team blow, big divide has become a small team organization, solidarity and cooperation, fair competition, overshadowed by a wave of laughter a wave, so that further enhance the collective sense of honor Dancing Speaker .

  Finally, we went to the KTV, laughter singing a song, in a sweet song, both drunk.

  Honorary bearer in the past, aimed to develop Dancing Speaker in the future. Plot Warren stood twelve years, has withstood many tests, accept the baptism of countless storms and eventually come out on top in the fierce competition in the industry, and achieved fruitful results. Dancing Speaker are no longer fragile confused, we are no longer a distant dream. New journey, we again set sail!

Dancing Speaker