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January 10, 2015 Training Camp first training summary dancing dog speaker

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2015-01-12
   Through this process all day, recalling the audience's own performance dancing dog speaker, there is a great feeling dancing dog speaker. The morning group PK. According to a mirror to their own, there is a great lack of himself, first of all look at things is their pattern is not high enough, also belong to the kind of easy to fall into the event among people. After the end of the morning, under the self-reflection, quickly adjust their state of mind. Afternoon debate PK tournament, they have a harvest, but to see more of the business team for product quality control process and product dancing dog speaker analysis there is a great lack of this, I am ready for this case to be a copy next to business colleagues explain the product's dancing dog speaker quality processes.
   The two games in the afternoon, so I see is the team's cohesion, 90 degrees straight up, joy, and also why not feel this training camp, when the Hundred Regiments training. The greatest feeling is mutual gratitude voting and links. I thank those who cast votes at the same time, thank you for believing in me, who did not get my vote at the same time, not to say you bad, because I voted for a better show them respect for our own. Final voting results announced at the same time mentor, gave himself a vicious blow, he did not vote for himself, indicating that not very confident of their own, have lost their own, how can the other? The final part of commendation thanks, I did not think I was in people's minds the image is so nice, so I was most impressed mondot, as they say, you are a very thoughtful person, your power is infinite, not know if you know, after he finished thanks to everyone, and his clothes were all wet with sweat, and this proves that he says is their truest truth. Then my best friend Rita, in my eyes is a child, as Emily said every girl will have a big heart, the best dream. I sometimes tough for you, that's for you to grow, I want to grow together with you. jorly, always in my eyes that is the kind of heartless happy little girl, sometimes often needed to blow off Johnson, I like this girl, too cute. But you let me see one another you today, a powerful energy that you, the plot Qiming days of the sale queen must have you. mora, bandy, lilian you very hard, every day I see your performance, you grow very pleased, thank you for your continued companionship. cherry and NANA ,, James I seen you more my partner, grateful to have you.
   In short, today, I feel the most is dancing dog speaker, the day after training, the whole team is not the same Manner, cohesion is also stronger, I hope you can keep this attitude continues, live emerged a passion, love yourself . Finally, we would like to thank the teacher training today, Viola, let us have such an opportunity to grow their own dancing dog speaker.
dancing dog speaker