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How to extend the life of the custom made earbuds?

Rita www.jaskeyworld.com 2014-11-04 16:13:10
  How to extend custom made earbuds Of life, not just an ordinary user in doubt is that some Shaoyou also the right way, I use their own feelings to simply talk about, hoping to have better ideas, but custom made earbuds will also hope that everyone of them to be corrected deficiencies .
custom made earbuds Belong to sophisticated products, so using them must pay attention.

  First, plug maintenance. custom made earbuds Currently, many have opted for a gold-plated ear plugs, so helpful for reducing the impedance, the transition will lead to changes in sound quality wear. This generally very thin layer of gold-plated, if many of the plug, the surface will wear quickly, so nothing is not recommended to put custom made earbuds pull down. This will not only bad for the ear, also makes machine interfaces become loose, resulting in poor contact and other issues.

  Second, the connection custom made earbuds cord and fixed with a rubber plug just a bit. Inside is the solder, wire pulling forcibly pulled down easily lead solder ear off, is not desirable behavior. The correct approach is pinching the plug, then gently pull out. Here that there is one, is not to use excessive force when pulling big, too fast.

  Third, today's ear pickle Although there are many custom made earbuds progressive than before. But we should pay attention. Even as 888 such material is made hollow wire should pay attention, because it is, after all, a metal wire. If you do not pay attention at the time of closing, the lines are hard corner folded, very easy to cause wire breakage, damage to the ear. So when you want to retain a certain polyline arc.

  Fourth, earbuds line outside custom made earbuds should also note that if the external damaged, will directly affect the life of the wires inside. Although the use of wire and materials are different, but boils down to, or belonging to rubber products, rubber products and therefore to pay attention to some of the maintenance methods, such as not to grease, acids, alkalis and other things pollution wire, in time to use these dry towel wipe clean. It is noteworthy that sweat. Easy to sweat in the summer time, if sweat stained line, then to wipe clean.

  Fifth, ear diaphragm rather hard at the factory, but the ear is the sound principles diaphragm vibration, the case of large volume, the greater the magnitude of the ear diaphragm leave the original location, the more difficult reply to the initial position. It's like the same principle of the spring, more than the limit will not be able to reply. Therefore suggest that you give ear to do the next warm-up, custom made earbudsdo not use a large volume to listen to the new ear. Specific measures can refer to a number of recommendations praise machine, I also wrote a praise machine method, therefore not repeat it here.

  Sixth, the ear is a more sophisticated things, collisions can cause loose or damaged internal parts, I once met a fellow student, the ear to the ground accidentally touched. Lead diaphragm deformation, so that the ear is damaged. Therefore suggest that you try to avoid a collision earplugs.

  Seventh, there are a lot of people think that listening ear when we must wear a sponge, or easy to make the dust fall into it. In fact, so no need to worry. Earplugs at work the diaphragm back and forth vibration, dust will be some small bounce. The magnets and other components have been blocked in the back, no chance to dust.
Here Another said that some vents behind the ear on the outside is not designed cotton insulation, such an approach likely to cause a magnet inhalation of dust, accelerated aging, so do not suggest that you remove the insulation cotton

  In addition, since the front ear basically had adopted a relatively fine mesh, so dust can not come in big.
But in the long term is not the best time to listen to the ear or plus sponge.

  Eighth, temperature and humidity. High temperature or humidity is too cosmopolitan make-ear damage. Especially in the diaphragm most obvious, if in the case of high temperature, high humidity, ear diaphragm is easily deformed. . So do not make the ear close to these places. Such as direct sunlight, by the fire, water and so on.

  Still many questions about the maintenance of earplugs. Such as the use of time not too long, etc., can not list them here. Just a few examples, just because of these reasons if (some excluded) damage, then, are not entitled to warranty service.

  Ear not the more expensive the more solid, which we would have a very understanding. Earplugs are small, but valuable. If because of improper use is broken, they can not warranty, but also a very difficult thing.

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