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custom bluetooth earphones three-part maintenance instructions

  • Author:Rita
  • Source:www.jaskeyworld.com
  • Release Date:2014-11-04
  Earplug use, custom bluetooth earphones the most easily broken or damaged parts of three
Can also be said of the three parts, namely, plug, custom bluetooth earphones cable and cell & nbsp; & nbsp; (is not nonsense?)
Well, here to talk about the maintenance of the three parts are:
  Joint protection is very important

  Currently a lot of earplugs (custom bluetooth earphones) Have adopted the joint parts are gold-plated process, so helpful to reduce the impedance custom bluetooth earphones, the sound quality also has certain advantages.

However, because of cost considerations, in general, on the joints which are very thin layer of gold-plated, if many of the plug, the surface will soon wear. So if you do not often go out, we do not recommend that you put the right ear pull down. This will not only bad for oem earphone, will make Walkman audio interface becomes loose, and thus prone to Walkman custom bluetooth earphones and poor contact.
custom bluetooth earphones cord and plug connections only with a rubber fixed a bit. Inside is the joints, usually small series often see some friends vigorously to pull the wire of the custom bluetooth earphones, the oem earphone connector forcibly pulled out. Little do they know that you do so very easily lead to the shedding of solder joints, it is likely to cause damage to the headphones.
The correct way should be pinching the plug, then gently pull out. Pay special custom bluetooth earphones attention to the sky when not used to pull big speed not too fast.

  Wire inadvertently easy to harden

  Today's ear () Manufacturing process than before, although there are a lot of progress, but usually when we try not to close ear oem earphone fold straining hard wire, because it is very easy to lead wire sheath rupture. The best way is a very natural way reel, do not pick the easy way is wrapped around the Walkman.

  Wire custom bluetooth earphones there are many, but the vast majority of products are made of rubber or the use of wires, many of my friends oem earphone use a long time the situation will appear hardened wire, then it's easy to break. So, usually we must pay attention to the protection of wire, such as not to grease, acids, alkalis and other things dirty wire sheath, if you do not accidentally sprinkled it must be quickly wiped clean with a dry towel.

Also worth noting is that we sweat, sweat stained after the custom bluetooth earphones wire, we can not forget to clean, otherwise it tends to lead to harden.

  To praise machine or to destroy the machine?

  New earbuds rigid diaphragm is relatively strong, which also sticking glue, so less flexible. The sound is by ear diaphragm vibration. The case of large volume, the greater the magnitude of the ear diaphragm leave the original location, the more difficult the initial position to reply. It's like the same principle of the spring, more than the limit will not be able to reply. Therefore suggest that you give ear to do the next warm-up (oem earphone), Do not open with a great ear bought large dynamic volume to listen to the song.
Now many of my friends say that the new custom bluetooth earphones should praise machine, what pink noise method, white noise law, a mess of various software. Think this is completely unnecessary, commonly known as the so-called law praise machine'd be able to open the diaphragm activity in a very short period of time, but if used properly, it is also very easy to damage the diaphragm coil (as in high volume with Pink Noise praise machine). Recommends that everyone is better to use headphones to listen to normal volume, under normal circumstances, be able to listen to listen to one to two months to open headphones, this is the most secure method. That is naturally open sound method.

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